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P1 Pico Projector Rental

The Pico projector line by Asus keeps on improving with every version. Pico projectors are usually very light and do not need very expensive replacement bulbs. What is even more impressive is that the models we see now are a lot brighter than the units which you might have seen a couple of years back.

The P1 projector by Asus is a small box and utilizes RGB LED lamps along with the DLP technology. It is bright enough to be used even under soft lighting. P1 is not battery powered like some other Pico projectors and runs on mains. If you are looking or battery powered projectors, you can find some through our projector rental service.

The one drawback that has been associated with Pico projectors is that they do not give out enough light and resolution to be used for movies or presentation. The P1 does not suffer from either of the problems. The LEDs in P1 produce 200 lumens, which is good enough for reading black and white text, watching movies and presentations even under fluorescent light.

There zoom feature is absent in the P1 and its small range (50cm to 3m) means that you cannot use this in every room. However, the 1280 x 800 resolution means that you can watch HD movies in their full detail. This is not the case with many other Pico projectors which have a resolution of 800 x 600. You can also use the P1 for projecting 1,600 x 1,200 resolution videos, but you will lose some detail as the image would be compressed.