When disaster strikes, invest in a computer rental

When a company’s technology fails them, their bottom lines are impacted. That’s why many businesses invest in disaster recovery or backup systems that kick in when they’re needed. Consider it – is your place of business ready for a full system failure? While your IT managers have probably considered the possibilities, even the most well-prepared companies can be struck by the unexpected. That’s why computer rentals for businesses are so valuable.

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We Stock All Kinds of Disaster Recovery-Related IT Equipment – Right in Your Backyard

Whether you need servers, laptops, tablets, iPads, printers, copiers, back-up batteries, data storage systems or actual computers on after a disaster strikes, we are prepared to help. We can ship internationally, and since we have several branches across North America and Europe, there’s a strong chance we might be right in your backyard.

Bear in mind that sometimes larger companies (like Google or Amazon) have an absolute contingency plan that involves relying on a shared, rented server that is held in trust for just such an occasion. The servers required by such influential companies can be costly – ranging upwards into the six figure mark – and that’s where a rental in the wings can really make sense.

But you don’t need to be Google or Amazon to reap the benefits of being prepared. An outage equates to straight up cash loss for any company, whether they’re mid- or large-sized.

Rent Your Disaster Recovery Computer Systems from Vernon Computer Source

Don’t let a server outage or natural disaster cripple your business.

For computer rental needs in Tokyo, Toronto, Seattle, Sydney, Paisley, Atlanta, Raleigh, Minneapolis, Stamford – keep in mind that we’re there. We stock over $40 million in inventory and there’s a good chance we have exactly the equipment you need.

And, because we also have Software Provider License Agreements (SPLAs) with several major software companies, there’s a strong chance we can set our systems up with exactly the specifications you require.