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Workforce WF-7011 color printer

Epson recently revealed the Workforce series printers that are meant for small businesses. The two models which have been released are the Workforce WF-7011 color printer and the Workforce WF-7511 all-in-one inkjet printer. The latter is a first of its kind for Epson. Also, it is a printer with one of the most complete features list amongst all of Epson’s inkjet printers.

The Workforce series has been designed to help small business save money by providing a quality alternative to laser printers. The cost per page for these printers is about 50 percent less than what you get for laser colored printers. The printers utilize the extra high capacity 143 Durabrite pigments, allowing Epson to keep the quality while reducing the cost. To make printing more affordable, there are no print heads attached to cartridges, which makes them cheaper and easier to recycle.

The text prints produced by using the Durabrite pigments are water and smudge resistant. They also help in printing photos that are of better quality than laser printers. There are numerous connectivity options like the traditional USB 2.0 port along with Ethernet and Wi-Fi support for the printer.

The printers also come with fax, memory card and USB slots which can be used for printing or scanning PDFs and image files. You can even use them to print documents from Android or iOS devices by using Apple Airprint and Epson iPrint. Evernote and other cloud printing apps can also be used with these printers.

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