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The Biggest Gadget Fails of the 21st Century

There are many reasons why technology fails.  Sometimes the technology doesn’t work the way it was supposed to.  Sometimes the technology works, but people don’t want it.  Sometimes the technology has separate issues—safety, or it needs another expensive piece to work, and people don’t think the entire package is worth the hassle. Some failures are one-of-a-kind

The World Reacts to Workplace by Facebook

Facebook has become the first thing people think of when they think about social networks. About one billion people all around the world use Facebook, making it global place to connect and communicate with others. Facebook is the place that people go to look for a classmate they haven’t seen for 25 years; it’s where

Microsoft’s Rising and Waning Business Units

With Microsoft’s fiscal year for 2017 now underway (since July 1), the software giant says it is seeing positive momentum for its products. The company’s final numbers for Fiscal Year 2016 (which ended June 30) show revenue at $20.6 billion, operating income at $3.1 billion (GAAP) and $6.2 billion (non GAAP). The company’s net income for FY2016 was

2016 Job Market for Computer Science Students

Do you remember that happy go lucky time at the end of high school when you would casually stroll to the career counselor’s office and ask about college majors to apply for? If you do, you’ll know that for every student fresh out of high school, picking a college major is without a doubt, one of the most challenging and important decisions they will ever make.

How Apple’s Product Strategy Has Shifted Since Steve Jobs

Nothing stays the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a business that has had no discernible change over years, or if you’re talking about a business that has seen a lot of transition. Nothing stays the same. Markets change, people mature, new technologies allow for improvements and innovations. That is true of every

Going Green with Your Gadgets

People have become more health conscious over the last few decades. Many of them have expanded that concern to the environment. It’s easy to find friends, neighbors and businesses taking advantage of opportunities to go green. This includes replacing their everyday gadgets with ones that are more eco- and environmentally-friendly. Despite popular opinion, it’s easy to have

Top All-in-One Alternatives to iMac

Lots of people looking for all-in-one desktops computers, look at the iMac. However, many people consider the iMac the opposite of what they want. They feel that there is too much proprietary control with Apple, or they have philosophical concerns about the company. Some people, of course, just prefer Windows based systems.  In search for

Today’s Top 10 Business Apps for iPad

The iPad has had some great apps come through in 2016 alone, ranging from free games to work applications. Businesses, employees and freelance workers can benefit from these programs (which vary in price), but it is hard to choose just one, says Here are a few of the top business apps available for the iPad

Top Desktops for Small Businesses

No matter the size of the company, computers are a staple for all business operations. While the computer industry has seen a surge in laptop sales over recent years, desktop models continue to be quite popular, especially for home use, small and medium sized businesses. Before the Purchase Before searching for the right products for

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