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MSI & Alienware Lead in Gaming Laptops

MSI and Alienware continue to lead in the world of gaming laptops.  Each of these computers are thin, light gaming notebooks that are also popular because they feel solid and steady when put on a hard surface.  If you or the gamer in your life like to get a lot of body motion into some

Engage Your Audience with Event Technology

It can be like a nightmare. You schedule an event—a trade show or a conference of some sort—and people don’t seem to be interested enough to get involved. They stand around and look at different booths, but they are not interested—not really. That might make your event a one-off because it’s a dud. The question

4 Must-Read Books for Millennial Tech Entrepreneurs

Time is precious. We don’t have time to waste, but we also want to be better—better at everything. One thing we can do is to get better is read, but how can we know that we’re spending our time reading books that will benefit us? Things that will make us relate to people better, things

7 Ways to Leverage the iPad in Your Business

Everyone knows that iPads are meant to play solitaire, watch YouTube videos, and do all the things your smartphone does — but with a bigger screen — right? The fact is that iPads can be used quite effectively for business purposes if you’re willing to be creative and recognize the power found in this small

The Advancement of Virtual Reality

Whether its people playing video games, or taking a virtual trip, or simply enjoying almost anything, virtual reality is becoming more common, and it continues to develop and evolve into something that is not only fun, but it is becoming a useful tool in many different ventures and industries. A quick look at early VR

Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2017

If you need a laptop with good graphics and have shopped for one in the past, you know that for years, laptops have not been able to keep up with desktop computers. High resolution graphics take a lot of power, and until recently the power that was necessary was not available for laptop computers. Now,

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