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5 Best Lightweight Laptops for Business Travel

If your job means you’re frequently on-the-go, you’ll want a machine that can functionally meet your needs and won’t cause a strain to carry around in airports and office-to-office. Even if you are traveling and your computing needs are temporary, you may want to rent a laptop that is both lightweight and powerful – especially

Use Touch Screens Effectively at Your Next Event

Touch screen technology is no longer a gimmick as it comes to marketing at a trade show or other event. Touch screens are present in our everyday lives through our personal and work devices like our smartphones, tablets and even many laptops. So it is natural that touch screens are a part of not just

How to Choose an Event Technology Provider

  If you have an upcoming event, that means you likely have a temporary need for technology in your booth or event venue. So you’re probably looking to rent iPads, laptops, printers, large screen monitors for digital signage, or event phone charging stations. There’s plenty of rental companies out there who can provide this for

How to Incorporate Polling into Your Events

Everyone in sales and marketing must at some point go through the “justification” process when it comes to throwing or attending an event. “What’s the ROI?” your superiors will ask. >Actual ROI as it comes to leads generated is a separate topic. However, there is much you can gain from events aside from direct sales

Trade Show Marketing toward Millenials

There’s a reason why there’s so much focus on millennials in today’s business strategy across multiple industries. By 2020, they are set to comprise 50 percent of the workforce. Millennials are those individuals born sometime between 1982 and the year 2000. And while some of the older millennials are making it into managerial positions by

How to Effectively Use Tech-Based Employee Training

Technology is a staple in most employee training programs today, whether it be for new employees or for teaching existing employees a new software program or other skill set. Depending on the makeup of your workforce, the way you employ technology-based training can determine whether or not your efforts are successful. The Generational Learning Gap

Let’s Talk: Event Trends with CadmiumCD

  Each year, event technology becomes more sophisticated and commonplace at trade shows, conferences, and other professional meetings. We have been at the forefront of this as we often rent iPads, laptops, printers and digital signage monitors for these events. Every rental customer has various preferred applications that they will use on these devices whether

Women’s Impact on Small Business

It’s Small Business Week, and we thought we’d celebrate by highlighting the importance of women in small business. That’s because while our company serves many large corporations, we have many more small business clients that count on technology rentals, and many of these companies are owned by women. Women in Small Business: A Closer Look

Top Corporate Event Venues in Seattle

Seattle, Washington can be a great destination city which makes it a great place to hold corporate events. Seattle is an ideal place to host a corporate retreat where you can focus on both mission and vision, and team building, then there are several great options for team building after the official workday is over.

Must-Have Technology for Every Trade Show

Coming prepared with the right technology at your next trade show can mean the difference between a raving success and a flop. Consider how much more engaged your audience would be if you showed them how your cross-platform product worked on all possible platforms — showing them the software on an iPad, tablet, notebook and PC would

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