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Top Desktops for Small Businesses

No matter the size of the company, computers are a staple for all business operations. While the computer industry has seen a surge in laptop sales over recent years, desktop models continue to be quite popular, especially for home use, small and medium sized businesses. Before the Purchase Before searching for the right products for

Planning for a Trade Show? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

Trade shows can be great opportunities to increase contacts and sales. The goal of these events is to create leads and customers, and people who view these trips as chores would be better served staying home. Let those with enthusiasm really represent your company in a positive light! When going to work at trade shows,

Millennials and the Demand for a Smart Office

By 2020, Millennials will comprise 40% of the workforce in the United States, and 50% of the workforce worldwide. Besides making other workers feel old, what do these statistics mean for working in the United States? Offices will be changing in location, in amenities, and in ways that often only the Millennials themselves can envision.

How Will AI Create Greater Computational Sustainability?

Artificial Intelligence (or AI, another term for computer technology) is only as good as the people who create it. But Artificial Intelligence and long term computational sustainability can and do bring positive changes to everyday life, and, perhaps just as importantly, the physical environments we live in. Definition: Computational Sustainability Artificial Intelligence begins with humans

The Growing Prevalence of Commercial Drones

In recent years, the commercial drone industry has taken off, soaring in popularity as both a thrilling hobby, and, in certain instances, a profitable business. This recent growth creates some great opportunities for those looking to invest in the commercial drone industry or even create a business of their own meant to supplement it. In

Five Workplace Communication Tips for Managers

Whether you’re talking about a personal relationship or a work relationship, one important aspect to that relationship that will make it work well is enhanced communication.  When managers don’t communicate well with employees, money is wasted or people could be put in dangerous situations.  Some suggestions for improving manager to employee communication: Let employees know

Women in Technology: The good and the oh, so bad

According to the National Science Board’s ‘Science and Engineering Indicators of 2012’ women make up only 26% of Computer Science and Mathematical science professionals in the United States. This lack of women within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related fields not only indicates discrimination and prejudice but also exacerbates the pre-existing shortage of

How to Customize Your Windows 10 Experience

Windows 10 seems to be a winner. But, the only way to really know if a new operating system will meet the public’s needs and wants is to wait and see how they react. If they keep it when they buy a new computer, it’s a good system. If they put an older OS on a

5 Tips for Planning an Event in Another City

In the modern era, business is becoming increasingly more international, leading to more and more meetings taking place in another city or even another country than a person’s normal work space. This trend has brought with it plenty of challenges for those who have to attend and organize these meetings and presentations. If planning an

Are You Being Bullied in the Workplace?

Most of us thought that when we graduated from high school, we could start with a fresh slate and we would no longer have to put up with certain immature behavior; especially bullying.  Unfortunately, many people in the workforce have discovered that bullying is not something that is in their past.  Bullying still occurs in

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