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How to Use Technology for Greater Event Sustainability

What makes a good conference? Your perspective as an attendee may differ from your perspective as an event organizer. However, the thing that makes an attendee want to return to an event year after year is the thing you’ll want to replicate. Informative, fun, focused, are all common ways to describe successful events. The question

9 Rising Tech Startups Founded By Women

A study published in May 2016 of 300 startups comprising of roughly 600 founders showed the companies founded by females financially outperformed those strictly founded by men. The study, which was introduced to the public in the Harvard Business Review, found that when looking for startups to invest in, investing in those with at least one

CES 2017: What’s to Come in Business Tech

Imagine the differences between CES shows 50 years ago and today. 50 years ago there were no cell phones, no fitness watches, no internet. Now those things are as much a daily part of most of our lives as eating. We don’t think anything about seeing or using anyone of those things or all three

Event App Spotlight: Boomset

Organizing and running a professional event can be exhausting. Guests have to be registered, presenters and vendors have to be scheduled and registered, badges have to be made: And it all has to be done with minimal delays for those in attendance. Boomset offers you a way to help get things organized and to ensure

2016’s Most Notable Moments in Technology

2016 was a banner year for technology. Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest tech news from the last 12 months! The Rise of VR The technology that countless companies had been trying to commercialize for decades finally hit the scene in a successful way. Virtual reality is now a fully rendered reality

Top 10 Data Collection Apps for iOS

There are plenty of reasons to collect data on an iPhone or iPad. Perhaps you need to conduct a survey, or maybe you’re onsite for your job and need to document information: where you are, what time it is, what type of work is being done, related costs, etc. Fortunately, there are a lot of

How Does Fake News go Viral?

In 2003 a study was published by a person named Paul Hitlin about how the internet was becoming a place for false rumors to be spread. Part of his findings include the fact that the internet created a new method for consumers to get their news, and it allowed more people to be involved in

How to Justify a Trade Show to Your Boss

Some people love to attend trade shows, and some people think they are a waste of time. What does the data say the right answer is? Is it worth it for a supervisor to send people on the company dime, to a trade show and risk having the employees use that as “down time” rather

How Technology Has Impacted Presidential Elections

Technology has impacted presidential elections for decades. When Dewey ran against Truman, there were no politically themed websites, but there were polling companies that called to find out how voters were likely to vote. It turns out the pollsters forgot that the country was coming out of a depression and poorer people more likely to

Must-Have Gadgets for a Smarter Office

Technology has become a part of our ordinary and everyday existence. We now drive smart cars that have several computers that keep them running. Our smart phones carry more information in our pockets than desktop computers would have 15 years ago. We live in homes that allow us to turn on lights from thousands of

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