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The Advancement of Virtual Reality

Whether its people playing video games, or taking a virtual trip, or simply enjoying almost anything, virtual reality is becoming more common, and it continues to develop and evolve into something that is not only fun, but it is becoming a useful tool in many different ventures and industries. A quick look at early VR

Best Laptops for Graphic Design in 2017

If you need a laptop with good graphics and have shopped for one in the past, you know that for years, laptops have not been able to keep up with desktop computers. High resolution graphics take a lot of power, and until recently the power that was necessary was not available for laptop computers. Now,

How to Use Technology for Greater Event Sustainability

What makes a good conference? Your perspective as an attendee may differ from your perspective as an event organizer. However, the thing that makes an attendee want to return to an event year after year is the thing you’ll want to replicate. Informative, fun, focused, are all common ways to describe successful events. The question

9 Rising Tech Startups Founded By Women

A study published in May 2016 of 300 startups comprising of roughly 600 founders showed the companies founded by females financially outperformed those strictly founded by men. The study, which was introduced to the public in the Harvard Business Review, found that when looking for startups to invest in, investing in those with at least one

CES 2017: What’s to Come in Business Tech

Imagine the differences between CES shows 50 years ago and today. 50 years ago there were no cell phones, no fitness watches, no internet. Now those things are as much a daily part of most of our lives as eating. We don’t think anything about seeing or using anyone of those things or all three

Event App Spotlight: Boomset

Organizing and running a professional event can be exhausting. Guests have to be registered, presenters and vendors have to be scheduled and registered, badges have to be made: And it all has to be done with minimal delays for those in attendance. Boomset offers you a way to help get things organized and to ensure

2016’s Most Notable Moments in Technology

2016 was a banner year for technology. Let’s take a look back at some of the biggest tech news from the last 12 months! The Rise of VR The technology that countless companies had been trying to commercialize for decades finally hit the scene in a successful way. Virtual reality is now a fully rendered reality

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