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One data processing support company that specializes in educational assessment and scoring provides SAT testing for several counties in the State of New York, which creates a temporary need for laptops every year. Vernon has been providing the laptops for this customer annually since 2010. The customer continues to do business with Vernon because of unmatched rental rates and individualized services that help them save.

What did the client need?

Each year, the customer has a varying number of laptops required for SAT testing for four different locations in Long Island and upstate New York. The number of laptops varies every year, typically between 400 and 500 machines. Because the laptops run a web-based application for testing, they do not require specific software uploads; however, the customer does have some custom imaging requirements that the Vernon technical team ensures are configured to their exact specifications before being packaged and sent out for delivery.

How did Vernon help?

The laptops are hand-delivered from Vernon’s Norwalk, Connecticut warehouse, with the customer’s designated sales representative even occasionally coming along with the rollout team to ensure everything is to their satisfaction. Each laptop is delivered in an individual computer bag with a USB mouse for each machine. Serial numbers for the laptops were also provided to the client prior to delivery, as each notebook is asset tagged and can be tracked by two unique numbers.

Vernon value overview:

Money: On top of competitive rentals rates, this customer is able to save even more because of its regular business, which qualifies them for a 5-10 percent discount every year. As they are also located near a major warehouse, Vernon was able to deliver the laptops to the counties themselves without the need of a carrier which also helps the customer’s bottom line. What’s more, renting removes the need to make a capital investment in buying new laptops and having to manage them, allowing them to use the latest technology with each passing year.

Time: Vernon’s efficient logistical management made the whole process more seamless for the customer. Instead of having their staff organize and distribute the machines to each county, every site’s specific computing needs were delivered directly – powered up and ready to use.

Resources: Vernon always provides backup equipment for unexpected mishaps that can occur – things get dropped, computers can malfunction, but the customer doesn’t have to be left in limbo while they wait for a solution.