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In 2008, two large counties in Colorado had a temporary need for laptops at polling stations for the upcoming federal election. After bidding from multiple companies, Vernon won the contract because of its exceptional rental rates. Since then, these two counties have come to Vernon every two years for local, state and federal elections.

What did the client need?

Whenever the Colorado counties come to Vernon for their polling station laptops, they typically rent anywhere from 100-600 laptops to place in several locations. The rental period lasts from three to six months.

Every four years they are required go to RFP to search for the best pricing, but Vernon has still won the contract each time.

How did Vernon help?

Vernon delivered the laptops fully charged and imaged with required software. The laptops arrived in individual computer bags that each contained a USB mouse for every machine. The hardware arrived at a central warehouse where the customer then dispersed the machines to the needed polling locations. Vernon provided all serial numbers to client prior to delivery, as each notebook is asset tagged and can be tracked by two unique numbers.

Vernon value overview:

Money: Because of the large volume of laptops being used in multiple polling sites, Vernon also provides the counties with an extra week—free of charge—to sort out the machines from each location back to the central warehouse where Vernon picks up the equipment. Vernon also provides the best overall rental rates from its competitors, and saves the customers from having to buy new equipment. With every order they are provided with the latest technology without having to invest in a purchase and relieving them of managing the assets themselves.

Time: By delivering the laptops ready-to-use and individually packaged for facilitated transport, the customer was able to easily distribute the laptops to each site as needed.

Resources: Because of Vernon’s experience with large rental orders, it is prepared for unexpected instances that can hamper the performance of individual machines. With each order, Vernon provides additional backup machines so the customer is never left waiting for a solution, and does not have to rely on additional technical assistance.