Laptop rentals for international business

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A Fortune 50 company contacted Vernon with a hardware request for a major survey project which required 1,000 laptop rentals. The project was set to last for three years and the equipment would be used internationally. Because of this, the Company needed to work with a rental agency with flexible terms. And, due to the high volume of equipment requested, the ability to source and customize the laptops for each geographical region was another key factor. This rental is one of several large deployments Vernon regularly provides to enterprise customers seeking a single point of contact for multi-location or international projects, or a series of events.

What did they need?

The Company requested both equipment and services from Vernon Computer Source for their survey project. They had a few requests: First, they needed 1,000 laptops. Second, they needed those laptops custom configured with geo-specific operating systems and keyboards. The project would span 17 nations from North America, to Europe and Asia. Third, they needed the equipment for three years – which falls beyond the “12-month-or-less” terms that most other rental agencies adhere to.

Their results

For three years, Vernon Computer Source deployed all 1,000 notebook computers for the Company’s multinational long-term project. Due to the success of each year of the project, it continued to grow 25% each year for all three years, with Vernon Computer Source supplying the hardware.