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When you need to rent laptops, you’ll have your choice of vendors from those specializing in professional rental needs (like us), to those offering individual rental services, like a Rent-a-Center.

When it comes to laptop rental pricing, there are several factors that will contribute to the rate that you receive. Personal rental services will have more black-and-white pricing for various types of models. Professional laptop rental rates can vary from vendor-to-vendor, and rates are determined by several things. 

That’s why you usually don’t see pricing listed on a professional rental company’s website. Each order is unique and can vary greatly in price. Here are some of the contributing factors: 

Computing Power Needed

The more computing power you need, the higher-end your laptop is going to be. It’s one thing if you’re renting laptops for a summer internship program, and a completely different matter when you’re using the workstations to test software.

The more power you need, the higher the price will usually be.


Most vendors offer discount pricing for bulk orders. If you’re shopping around for quotes, but sure to ask your vendor if this is an option.

Vendor Stock

This is a big one. Some computer rental companies you find online aren’t really rental companies at all. They are rental “brokers” who find rental companies like us to fulfill their orders. They charge a finder’s fee, which gets passed onto you. You’re much better off starting with the original rental source, a company who has its own inventory.

What’s more, you’ll want a company with sufficient inventory who doesn’t rely on cross-rentals from other companies too heavily. When a company doesn’t have stock to fulfill your order, they will rent from another company. Again, that cost often gets passed to you, the customer.

We make sure to carry a sufficient inventory to cover most rental needs in just about any quantity. What’s more, we’re constantly growing our selection to accommodate the changing needs of our customers.

Software and Applications

Every laptop rental requires an “image,” which is what we call the customizations made to the machines in your order to fit your rental need. Maybe you want Microsoft Office installed on each machine, and you’d like for the desktop background to be your company logo. Or maybe you have custom software that needs to be installed on each machine before it is delivered to your employees. That’s a pretty typical scenario for many laptop rental orders, and the cost of the rental may reflect the complexity of the image.

Delivery Location & Time

The closer a vendor warehouse is to your rental delivery site, the better your shipping rates are going to be. Our logistics team works hard to ensure you get the best delivery rates as possible, but it also doesn’t hurt that we have multiple warehouses located throughout the United States and Canada to bring those delivery costs way down.

If you seek out your rental well in advance before your event, training etc., your shipping costs will also be much more affordable than if you require overnight shipping. Do we do overnight shipping when fast turnaround is needed? Absolutely. But it is going to be more expensive than if you have more lead time.

Any Other Peripherals

Our laptop rentals already come individually packed in a professional laptop bag with an accompanying charger and wired mouse.

However, maybe you want all wireless peripherals like a wireless mouse or remote for a presentation. If you’re using your rental at an event, perhaps you need computer cable locks to make sure those machines don’t just walk away when you’re not at the booth. You may also need to make sure you stay connected, so a wireless router or a mobile hotspot is also an available option to include with your rental.

The more peripherals you add, the more this will add to the cost of the laptop rental.

Perks that Help You Save Money

Many laptop rental vendors have similar offerings for their customers. Here’s a few perks we offer that help our customers save more:

Price matching – we keep our customers year-after-year because we keep our rates low. If a competitor offers a better price, we’ll match it or even go lower.

Product back up – this is not offered by every rental company. After doing this for several decades, we know that mishaps occur, things get dropped, and backup is necessary. That’s why we offer 10 percent backup product with every order, for free.

Flexible contract terms – we never lock you into rental agreements. If your temp hires aren’t going to be with you as long as you expected, that’s OK. We’ll adjust your rental term to be shorter. No penalties, and no hidden fees.

Are you looking for professional laptop rental for your business or for an upcoming event? Fill out a quote form and a rep will get you a quote right now.