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Promotion is everything when it comes to getting the word out about your product or service—giving away free stuff to would-be customers gets the job done. Whether your promotions budget is big or small, these websites may help you find the right kind of enticement to bring people to your own product, event or service company.

Check these sites out:

Geek Tech

Geek Tech offers printed tech gadgets and gizmos that everyone uses—complete with your name, branding logo and/or contact information. Geek Tech can set your business up with: fitness tracker watches; headphones; earbuds; Bluetooth speakers; stylus pens; promotional iPad sleeves and computer cases; logo selfie sticks; laser pointers; selfie sticks; drones; bags; power banks; backpacks; car and building charging stations; messenger bags; smart phone accessories; and more—things that people use every day.

If you are looking for something more than just pencils, calendars, paperweight sand the like, Geek Tech Branding can take your business higher in items used in today’s computerized world. For trade shows, conventions, exhibitions and similar showcase opportunities, computer accessories are more attractive to users, and having a business branding imprinted on them makes sense; the costs depend on volume ordered. Planning an event? Add something useful to your Swag Bag by offering promotional items that won’t end up in the trash. has a variety of items for every promotional budget. The company offers clothing, drink cups, fabric bags, chip clips, pens, stationary, tech gadgets, and more. The company lists its price range from 14 cents to $469 per item and everything in between. Also on the promotional list: food and candy products; toys and novelties; wellness and safety pieces; magnets; decals; office awards; home, car and office items and tools; and much more. Clothing and product brands include Nike, Crossland, Butter & Buck, Carhartt, Slazenger, Igloo, Case Logic, Wenger, High Sierra, Koozie, and Coleman. is what the name says; promotional items that mean a “cool giveaway.” Products available include tee shirts; pens; paper and notebooks; water bottles; hats; tote bags; sweatshirts; backpacks; sweaters; hand sanitizer; wallets; computer and tablet cases; raincoats and winter jackets; vinyl stickers; mugs; Bluetooth speakers; device charger; knitted beanies; umbrellas; embroidered patches; capsule containers; pen & pencil cups; valises; trade showcase tablecloths; lunch coolers; candy holders; lanyards; power banks; banners; playing cards; lip balm; ear buds; and more. These items are printable with your name, business and contact information. Everyday items are good for promotion, especially when it comes to clothing; everywhere they go, people wear tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats—the message is seen by others and the brand impression is made.

Barefoot Swag (Swag Connection)

Barefoot Swag is your Swag Connection—offering different pricing levels of various types of promotional products for business. Items include: clothing and headwear; candy and food gifts; coolers; drinkware; badges, button and pins; games and toys; drinkware; calendars; bags; award and recognition items; golf products; household items; lanyards and badges; notebooks and journals; magnets; picture frames; bottle openers; tech gizmos; health and wellness items, and many more items that will promote your business or trade show.

Barefoot Swag promotions offers online ordering and personal service when creating specific brands and logos. Their employees help with the thinking process and expert advice on what to decide on and how to go about using the best imprinted swag items for your tradeshow, giveaway, corporate program, event or daily business operation.


Promo Rx helps customers determine budget, return on investment and how items will affect company reputation. The company specializes in corporate giveaways, tradeshows, gifts, tech gadgets and everything else that gets your business noticed in the competitive marketplace. Items include notebooks and paper products; pens; lanyards; thermal bottles, candy and gum sleeves; keychains; power banks and charges; memory foam ergonomic mousepads; gold and sports; umbrellas; coffee mugs; water bottles; corporate steak knife gift set; tool and gadget organizer; flash drives; laptop backpacks; stylus pens; computer screen cleaning cloths—an assortment of everything! The company also offers ecologically-friendly items like recyclable grocery and tote bags; reusable lunch totes and water bottles; flower planting kits; natural cork coasters; sustainable writing tools, and more.

Branding is everything; Promo Rx prides itself on assisting its customers with taking basic everyday products and turning them into usable billboards. Customers who put money into their business for promotions get a long-term brand impression.

Buy It, Use It!

No matter what type of promotional items you choose, you can tailor your Swag Bag or other enticements for your business. Consider printing your branding holiday gifts, employee incentives, college recruitment, loyalty and marketing incentives, health care options, and so much more—the world of marketing awaits!

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