For the past three years, Vernon Computer Source has successfully deployed a large quantity, multinational laptop rental for a fortune 50 company project.

Stamford, Conn. – Technology rental provider, Vernon Computer Source, recently completed a major, worldwide laptop rental of 1000 notebooks for a Fortune 50 company.

The rental spanned across 17 nations in North America, Europe and Asia with custom operating system configuration and keyboards suitable for each geographical region. Keyboard variations included those for the Japanese, French, English and German languages.

The Fortune 50 customer has come to the technology rental provider for the past three years, seeking laptop rentals for survey purposes. Due to the success of each year’s project, it has continued to grow 25 percent year-over-year, with Vernon Computer Source supplying the hardware.

This latest rental is one of several large deployments Vernon regularly provides to enterprise customers seeking one point of contact for multi-location or international projects, or a series of events.

About Vernon Computer Source

Vernon Computer Source is the North American branch of the international rental division of parent company, Xchange Technology Group. The company’s rental affiliates include Hamilton Rentals and Xchange Technology Rentals based out of London and Frankfurt, Germany, who extend services around the globe.

Together, the group supplies rentals from warehouses in Atlanta; Minneapolis; Raleigh, N.C.; Seattle; Stamford, Conn.; Toronto; Frankfurt, Germany; London; Sydney and beyond. Their customers vary from small businesses to the enterprise in a diverse range of industries including hardware and software providers, finance, insurance, telecommunication groups and others. Products rented by the group include : desktop and laptop computers; tablets; LED/LCD/Plasma monitors with HD/3D/touch screen capability; servers; printers; AV equipment and more.