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Denver, Colorado is an exciting metropolitan city famous for its beautiful scenery and diverse marketplace. Located in the mountains of Colorado, Denver is a key trading and distribution point for many western and mid-western states and is home to dozens of major companies like Chipotle and Russell Stover Candies. As a central location for commercial establishments and corporate networking, Vernon Computer Source creates custom Denver computer rental packages for your business needs.

Available rentals include products such as:


Desktop Rentals

Laptop Rentals

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A/V Rentals

Tablet Rentals

Apple Rentals

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Projector Rentals


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Denver is a popular Headquarter City for a number of national restaurant chains, and where there are headquarters there are busy offices with a ton of moving parts. Denver-based companies like Smashburger are expanding every year, and are bringing in new employees every day. Training new employees is an expensive undertaking – but did you know that you can reduce the cost by renting the hardware you need for training? Equipment like laptops, desktops, and tablets for critical software training courses can be rented from our inventory for a fraction of the price of purchasing it new – and we deliver it to your business’s specifications.


schedule3The Denver Convention Center hosts some of the biggest events in the state of Colorado. Festivals, conferences, concerts, and conventions grace the exhibition halls of the DCC every month, and with its central location, the Center has become one of Denver’s most popular landmarks. Vernon Computer Source provides IT equipment rentals for events such as the ones that take place at the DCC, helping businesses set up temporary internet cafes, iPad walls, and even top of the line AV equipment for mass presentations. Best of all? We walk through all of your needs with you from start to finish.

Vernon Computer Source is here to provide our Denver customers with the computing power they need to be the best. Whether you need server upgrade for your office or want to outfit your sales team with smartphones, our rental technicians are ready to help. Let us know what you need by filling out our free online quote form, or call us at 1-800-827-0352 to get the help you need now!