Server Rentals for Testing, Data Center Relocation & More


Renting servers and server options for your business has never been easier. Vernon Computer Source provides short term server rentals for all corporate needs:

•    Benchmark testing
•    Disaster recovery response
•    Colocation / data center migration
•    Oracle upgrades
•    Software development initiatives and testing


Servers are responsible for maintaining your network’s performance, including the security and storage of data, and sharing files and information across your network. Not only do they provide the storage and power your business needs to support your network and your employees, but servers at top performance, uninterrupted, often for 24 hours a day. 




As a trusted provider of servers from leading manufacturers, like IBM, Lenovo, HP, Dell and Oracle, Vernon offers customers the unique ability to access the storage and power they need for as long as they need it. Our server rentals for businesses are custom configured to order, giving you the flexibility to choose the memory, speed and storage capacity that fits your needs – and your budget. Vernon Computer Source offers affordable server rentals to businesses that are looking for the best machines to meet the needs of their growing company.  Rent for a day, a week, a month or longer!


At Vernon, we stock and support the following systems:LenovoBusinessPartner_Emblem





  • SUN/Oracle
  • Sun 7210 Unified Storage System
  • Sun Fire v445
  • Sun Fire x2200
  • Sun Fire x4450
  • Sun Ray 270 Client
  • Sun Sparc Enterprise m5000
  • Sun Sparc Enterprise m9000 Mainframe
  • Sun Sparc Enterprise t1000
              • Sun Storage f5100 Solid State Flash Array
  • Sun Storage j4200 Array
  • Oracle T4 Technology
  • Cisco
  • HP
  •  Dell
  • EMC
  • Netapp
  • Brocade
  • Juniper

Server rentals from Vernon Computer Source

What can you get when you rent servers for your upcoming project, system upgrade or data center move?

server-rental-disaster-recoveryProcessors, Hard Drives & Memory: Consider the operating system and application software you will be running on your servers and be sure to specify the minimum configuration you will need to run all of your applications at peak performance.

Secure Networking: Whether you are setting up a temporary network or adding servers to an existing network, if your network provides internet access, be certain to rent or plan to install virus protection software. Make sure to ask us about the necessary cabling, high speed routers and/or wireless access points for a high performance network!


Vernon’s Flexibility Guarantee: We offer flexible server rentals that allow you to switch your rental from a daily, to a weekly or yearly rental and vice versa! We understand that in the business world, needs can change on a dime and we’re here to cater to help you work with the unpredictable without the hassle.

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Whether you need a high performance server to keep up with your busy staff or are moving your data center to a new location with different special capacity, our server rental service is here to help.

Find out how our server rental service can remove your company’s technology roadblocks. Fill out our FlexQuote form and get a quote in one hour or call 1–800–827–0352 to speak with us immediately!

The Benefits of Renting a Server

The many potential uses of these items are obvious. Trade shows, conferences, temporary staff increases; all require additional technology for the short-term.

But what about file servers? They are often thought of as a long-term investment, but it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to rent servers. There are many reasons, but the main ones seem to be training, testing, moving, and recovering.

  • New installations or upgrades of software often involve staff training. In-house training can require more hardware resources than most offices have on hand. To create a real world environment for training, most companies aim to set up a classroom that mimics their work flow and processes. A file server that is dedicated to training gives employees the chance to test new features and procedures in a secure setting that will not effect real data and programs.
  • Testing of new software applications or new hardware is another scenario that calls for server rentals. As with training, the purpose of testing is to recreate the exact environment in which software or hardware will be used. Renting a file server is a cost-effective solution.
  • Moving an office can be a logistical nightmare. Somehow you have to keep business running smoothly while all of your equipment and people are scattered. Having the temporary use of a file server helps minimize or eliminate downtime. Use a rented file server to replace the live server until your equipment is moved. Or, you can use a rented server as a backup in case anything gets lost or damaged during the move.
  • Hardware failure or natural disasters can cause costly problems for any business. File server rentals give you the equipment you need to keep functioning until your original hardware is replaced or repaired.