Lenovo’s versatile smart glasses for business, ThinkReality A3, are augmented reality (AR) glasses that allow you to create a customized, expanded personal workspace anywhere. That could be a virtual monitor while working at home or guided schematics on the factory floor.

3D visualization, guided workflows, and remote collaboration, are just a few of the things made possible by Lenovo’s smart glasses.

Lenovo Smart Glasses

Specialized Solutions

ThinkReality Certified Solutions, working with the holo|one sphere suite of products, provides a range of turnkey applications that can be easily applied to a current business procedure. Their out-of-the-box functionality enables businesses to confront challenges with AR solutions across numerous customer niches.

Through the ThinkReality Platform, you’ll have easy access to remote assistance, guided workflow support, 3D digital collaboration, and more.

A Secure Workspace Anywhere

With ThinkReality A3 you can create and customize a virtual monitor at home, a private display in a coffee shop, an immersive schematic, or a guided workflow on the manufacturing floor. All this and more is possible with Lenovo’s smart glasses. Because only you can see the virtual monitor, you can now view your sensitive or confidential data without fear of "shoulder surfers.”

Customize for Comfort

Unlike bulkier, head-mounted devices, ThinkReality A3 smart glasses are very portable and comfortable to wear. They weigh just 130g, which reduces user fatigue and the likelihood of damage. You can also fold them so they can be tucked away in a laptop case or a handbag when they’re not in use.

These smart glasses were designed to be completely convertible. They have simple yet secure connections that allow you to customize them wherever you are. You have a choice of three different sidebars and three different nosepieces, which ensure optimal comfort for the individual wearer.

Lenovo Smart Glasses

Eye Protection on the Job

If you’re working in an industrial setting, ThinkReality A3’s safety lenses provide the eye protection you need. Besides the changeable sidebars and nosepieces, the front frames and lenses can also be swapped out, allowing you to choose appropriate tint levels and side shielding.

Prescription lenses can be mounted to the nosepiece and can be easily exchanged if someone else needs to use the headset.

Moto G Compatibility

Motorola’s new phone, the Moto G100, meets the needs of the modern workforce by introducing new solutions for its B2B customers. The Moto G100 is the fastest Moto G ever, with 5G speeds and WIFI 6 connectivity. This provides an overall incredible performance, including compatibility with the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses.

With a software user license to the ThinkReality software platform, the ThinkReality A3 Industrial Edition tethers to Moto G100 to enable AR solutions. These turnkey certified application solutions are designed to power 3D visualization, workflow support, remote assistance, and training for businesses in manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Lenovo Smart Glasses

Product Compatibility

Multi-monitor and multi-application workflows can be taxing on a PCs performance. This creates a need for heavier performance through multi-threaded CUPs and dedicated GPUs.

ThinkPad P Series mobile workstations are the fastest, most powerful laptops in the ThinkPad collection, delivering maximum efficiency and a seamless user experience.

The list of compatible PCs recommended for use with the ThinkReality A3 PC Edition is growing. Currently, this list includes the following laptops: