We are proud to offer a wide range of laptop makes and models from Tier 1 manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, Dell, and more.

Why choose Vernon to rent laptops?

Unmatched prices (just ask how we can beat any competitor’s rate).

10% product back-up provided with every rental.


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With 30 years of rental experience, Vernon Computer Source’s team of professional IT technicians, sales representatives, and customer service specialists work with you to get you the best deal with the best customer experience from start to finish.


When do Vernon customers decide to rent laptops?

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Meetings and classes: Take notes at a seminar without lugging tons of paper around! Our inventory includes high-end traditional laptops with keyboards such as Apple’s MacBook Pro and the HP 6930. We also carry convertible laptops with stylus pens such as the Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, letting users hand write notes silently – in real time!


office2Temporary offices: Offices moving to new locations or businesses that need to set up short term workstations can rent laptops for the entire team! Our team will deliver your devices, set them up, and remove them when you’re done. All you need to do is turn the computers on and get your work done!




Events (presentations, trade shows, and more): Event planning requires a lot of organization, and touchscreen convertible laptops are a popular rental choice for event organizers. Stay connected with your team or clients, have instant access to your data, and keep your event on track, no matter what industry you’re on. Have a gaming convention coming up? Ask about our MSI & Alienware laptops! We also carry HP 5-Bay Battery Charging Stations  that allows the recharging of multiple batteries.


We offer a wide range of Laptops:

We offer a wide range of Notebooks:

  • MSI X-Slim X350 Notebook
  • Lenovo ThinkPad R Series Notebook
  • Lenovo X201 Notebook


Save time, money, and energy with laptop rentals



Vernon offers technical support, so you get the help you need whenever you need it.

Our flexible rental arrangements allow you the adjust your terms if your needs change.




Laptop Leasing

Laptop leasing is an option that many companies explore when they are looking to expand or upgrade their IT assets. Laptop leasing from Vernon Computer Source offers many benefits that can help you keep costs in check and stay current with technology.

Why Consider Laptop Leasing

The financial benefits of leasing IT equipment are well documented. Here are just a few:

  • Minimal upfront costs for acquiring equipment, as compared to purchasing
  • Because you are not purchasing, there is no need to borrow money or use up the cash you have on hand to buy new equipment
  • Business loans can be hard to obtain, especially for startups, which makes leasing easier and faster than buying
  • A regular payment schedule helps manage monthly expenses
  • With most types of leases you can write off your monthly payments as a business expense

With our laptop leasing options you can also avoid the issue of planned obsolescence. Leasing periods normally correspond with the “refresh” period for your technology. Translation – your lease expires at about the same time that newer models are available. Simply turn in your old equipment and lease new laptops to keep pace with technology.

What’s more, with leasing you are not responsible for disposal of your old equipment. We will take care of it all.

Trust Vernon for Laptop Leasing

When it comes to choosing a vendor for laptop leasing, you may think your best choice is a computer manufacturer. Manufacturers typically hire a leasing agent or financial institution to manage the process, making things more complex than they need to be. And with a single manufacturer, your choice of equipment is limited.

With Vernon, you can cut out the middle man and get more choice:

  • We offer personal service tailored to your exact situation.
  • We offer flexible terms and affordable rates for your lease.
  • We also give you a wide selection of products from multiple laptop manufacturers so you can get the computer that best suits your needs.

With laptop leasing from Vernon, you also receive our excellent customer service and support. Around the clock telephone support, on-site technicians when you need them, advice and guidance from our sales and service professionals – all are included when you lease from Vernon.

Full Service Solution for Your IT Needs

Experienced in the short and long term computer and laptop rental market, we know how to make computer leasing work for you. We also know that most businesses need more than a few laptops to complete their offices.

We offer rentals and leasing of a full range of office equipment, including printers, monitors, plasma and LCD displays, servers, copiers, and sound equipment.

Laptop leasing is just the beginning. Talk to Vernon today at 1 800 827-0352 to learn more about the advantages of renting or leasing your office equipment.