You may be weighing your options for a charging station solution at your next event. You know it’s a necessity for your guests, but did you know that your choice could also provide a unique marketing opportunity and revenue producer for you and your vendors? Brightbox is the only charging station on the market that provides brands real accountability through data collection and real-time analytics.

It can be difficult to quantify the ROI of a trade show – they are costly and management often wants to know how this expenditure will affect the bottom line. The metrics collected from Brightbox can help you justify your trade show budget or marketing expenses by showing exactly how many people charged their phones, how many guests viewed a commercial, how many guests followed an SMS link, or even how many actual guests were in proximity of the charging station to view your branding. In creating measurable impressions through RFID technology, camera audience measurement, or even collecting valuable insight from your key customer audience through a poll, you create a measurable marketing expenditure.

Your vendors will love this marketing expense for its practical use, and your attendees will enjoy and appreciate engaging with the Brightbox platform. All of this will provide you with valuable data, allowing you to justify your activation expenses.

How Brightbox Provides a Unique Marketing Platform

Elevate the Guest Experience – Creating memorable and useful interactions for your guests is a great way to build customer retention

Integrated Event Security Access – RFID is leading the way in event marketing because of its non-transferable, secure RFID wristbands/tags/keys that prevent unauthorized access to charge chambers while also integrating with your events ID program. Duplication is made impossible with a unique chip identifier in every RFID device. Crowdsync LED wristbands integrate with Brigthbox units, allowing attendees to use their wristbands as their “key” to retrieve their charging devices.

Elevate Branding – You can create a unique keepsake in a branded RFID wristband that leaves a lasting impression long after your event is over

Leverage Interactive Third Party Options – Your branded RFID card/tag can also be used as a means to redeem a prize/discount code etc. You can add a QR code, include a coupon for your website or other special link for guests to visit after the event.

Custom Branding – You can customize your Brightbox rental to reflect your branding in a memorable way whether it is in the VIP lounge, backstage, registration desk, or even located within a sponsor’s booth.

Get a Brightbox Charging Station Rental for Your Next Event

If you want to learn more about the unique marketing opportunities and the pricing for each configuration, request a quote or give us a call and a dedicated representative will answer all of your questions. In addition to side panel branding options and digital signage, Brightbox also offers SMS Relay, Camera Audience Measurement, RFID integration and Surveys & Polls. Your Brightbox rental can be configured to your specific needs.

Vernon Computer Source has partnered with Brightbox to provide a streamlined rental experience for our customers. Our 30 years in B2B tech rentals guarantees a stress-free rental experience for your upcoming event.