Successful Remote Employee New Initiative Rollouts

photo of a smartphone with 5G and a variety to technology tools.

In order to have an effective rollout and create successful employee engagement programs, Vernon provides an effective rollout strategy
to improve employee engagement.

Vernon Will Perform The Below Services Per Machine. Technology Rollout example:

  1. Receive equipment and stage within a climate controlled and insured warehouse.
  2. Un-box all equipment and thoroughly inspect for any physical damages or blemishes. Identify any system issues/DOA to Lenovo and/or end user.
  3. Provide tentative delivery schedule
  4. Apply custom asset tag. Specific design and placement to be decided by end user
  5. Provide end user with a spreadsheet, breaking down the list of serial numbers with their associated asset tag number
  6. Place each machine back in the manufacturer’s box, dropping in a welcome packet/instruction guide for each end user. Packet/instructions to be provided to Vernon by the customer
  7. Wrap each box in black shrink wrap, and ship to individual, residential locations. End user to provide spreadsheet of all addresses. Each address line will include the following: First Name, Last Name, Mailing Address (including city, state, and zip code), and phone number. VERNON CAN NOT SHIP TO ANY P.O. BOXES.
  8. Vernon will provide email notifications to each end user with their FedEx tracking number and serial number, as well as a master spreadsheet with tracking outlined to a main point of contact at the end user/Lenovo. Master spreadsheet will be provided daily, with each day’s shipments added.