Cisco VoIP phone rentals for business

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In 2011, a national sports league approached Vernon for support for their All-Star game in Raleigh, NC. The League planned to set up a temporary office during the game, and needed to rent hardware for the short-term installation. Because the League is headquarted in New York City, the scenario was one that Vernon was familiar with: a customer needs hardware at the site of an event without the hassle of buying, transporting, storing, and installing in-house equipment.

What did they need?

The League brought a few requirements to our rental team. The office would need to be set up for a total of one week, it would require phones capable making transfers, assigning extensions, and setting up voicemail boxes. Finally, they needed on-site equipment setup and takedown.

Following the initial request, the rental agent coordinated with the client to determine additional requirements and preferences, and recommended a temporary Cisco VoIP network. All together, 15 Cisco VoIP phone rentals and peripherals were deployed and installed by Vernon to complete the League’s temporary mobile network.

Their results

For the week of the games, Vernon provided the League with a successful mobile network that matched the client’s requirements, including a fast turnaround, on-site support, and staying well within their budget. Once the event was over, the Vernon on-site team handled the breakdown and return of the items to our Morrisville, NC location.