Why Partner with Vernon Computer Source?

At Vernon, we’re proud to offer the latest technology to our rental customers including everything from office equipment to event hardware. But we don’t stop there.

Not only can your business benefit from our complete suite of technology and accessory rentals, but Vernon Computer Source partners also get exclusive access to:

Inventory Management with Centralized Web Portal

Vernon can warehouse, audit, deliver and pick up your event inventory in real-time through a central web portal. Track and manage your equipment from one spot for ultimate visibility and simplicity. Through our web portal, you can access your inventory in real time and receive customized reporting. Vernon customers can place a request and have Vernon ship it the same day, complete with return labels to have damaged equipment sent back to us at no cost to you.


Custom Rental Bundles & Kits

Create custom rental packages for speci?c road shows/opportunities. If you have a kit of giveaway items, Vernon can receive the inventory, kit, and distribute it – including the latest top-seller models!


Loaner Programs

Our experts can help you manage any loan/demo program that your business is looking to run. Your loan arrives safely inside a well-protected corrugated plastic shipping container along with a return shipping label. Vernon carries additional RAM, hard drives and graphics cards to suit your customers’ needs, and gives loaner customers the ability to customize aspects of their loan request.


*In addition to these benefits that are exclusive to Vernon customers, we also offer onsite support in cities local to any of our U.S. facilities.

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