Stamford, CT – Jan. 23, 2007 – With the latest addition to the Microsoft Windows family, Vista, companies across the nation are eradicating their used computers to make room for newer models while others slash technology costs and need the best used computer equipment on the market. Vernon Computer Source, a leading computer technology sourcing company, buys and sells corporate used computers at mutually agreed fair market prices, meeting the needs of both buyers and sellers. “Many companies hang on to their computers far longer than they really want to, simply from a perceived lack of disposal alternatives,” says Al Turnbull, Vernon Vice President of Finance and Director of IT. “If the CFOs knew how easily they could turn their out dated computers into cash, they would happily re-invest sooner in newer technology.”

Used computer buyers can turn to Vernon Computer Source for both new and used computer equipment, laptops, notebooks, servers, printers and more from all major brands including Sun, Apple, IBM, HP, Cisco, Toshiba and Dell. Vernon sells used computers that are already configured to accept Windows Vista. They also offer several rental options, for those who want a trial run before owning the equipment. All Vernon computers and peripherals are Grade A, cleaned, pre-tested and virus swept.

For corporations ridding their offices of excess overhead, Vernon can buy back old used computers, notebooks and laptops. If the computers are still functional, Vernon will audit and refurbish them, making them accessible to businesses, individuals or schools that can still enjoy them for several more years. Vernon also offers a unique Employee Purchase Program which enables the employees of the companies getting rid of excess equipment to buy it for themselves online through Vernon’s Web site. If Vernon acquires obsolete equipment, they take the proper measures to dispose of it safely in government regulated, environmentally responsible facilities.

For more information on buying Vista-compatible computers or selling used computers call Vernon Computer Source at 800-827-0352 or visit

About Vernon Computer Source

As a recognized leader in computer technology sourcing, Vernon Computer Source is committed to offering the broadest range of brand name computer and peripheral equipment under the most flexible terms in the industry. Vernon Computer Source constantly strives to serve each client with comprehensive, personalized service, providing a full range of integration and technical support services, including installation, full configuration of computers, and round-the-clock technical support. Whether serving a corporate client with long-term, project-oriented needs or providing event-oriented sourcing solutions for a tradeshow or corporate event, Vernon Computer Source has the products, the experience, and the unsurpassed expertise required to ensure success.