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The city of Knoxville has a quickly developing downtown that has boomed in recent years. With the opening of the regional history museum and a growing arts industry, business has been steadily coming back to Knoxville since 2000. At Vernon Computer Source, our goal is to contribute to the flourishing of Knoxville’s downtown economy by providing affordable Knoxville computer rentals for long and short term business use.

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ipad-rental-optionsIn a re-developing area like Knoxville, budgeting is even more of a driving force for businesses of all industries. Many companies use events at the Knoxville Convention Center as a way to network with other professionals and grow their business by attracting more customers and more attention. Events that take place at the KCC are the perfect opportunity for businesses to display their products on our large screen monitors, interact with customers with our jumbo tablet rentals, and even let customers sign up for mailing lists via iPad or Android tablet rentals.

At Vernon Computer Source we create custom rental packages that are individual to your business. Knoxville’s economy is growing by the day and your business deserves top of the line equipment without spending a fortune. By renting hardware, your business has the unique opportunity to test equipment and decide if you like it before choosing to make a permanent investment. Moreover, should you rent from Vernon and decide you like the equipment and want to keep it, you can buy it straight from us!

Speak with one of our Knoxville rental experts today by calling us at 1-800-827-0352. We’re on call and ready to assist you! For a free online quote, fill out our FlexQuote and you will have your information within the hour.