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Aptly nicknamed the “Heart of America,” Kansas City, Missouri sits right in the middle of the United States and comprises a metropolitan area of roughly two million people. Kansas City may not be one of the biggest cities in the nation, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in activity. As a primary operation spot for agricultural companies, Kansas City is home to several factories that are streamlined with the help of technology. Vernon Computer Source provides a number of Kansas City computer rentals to K.C. farms, factories, and offices!

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Headquarter home to giants such as Applebee’s and Hostess Brands, Kansas City sees everything from the production of food to the back end organization that takes place in meetings and conference rooms. At Vernon we provide equipment rentals like the executive grade tablets that floor managers need to keep factory shift operations running seamlessly.

Tablet-survey-iconBut our services extend beyond the reach of the manufacturing arm of Kansas City’s economy. For corporate events like conferences, meetings, and exhibitions like those that take place at the Kansas City Convention Center, Vernon Computer Source offers hardware from our extensive inventory, covering everything from laptop and desktop needs, to wireless mobile hotspots, to smartphones, and more. Our arrangements with your business are entirely flexible – whether you need short or long term rentals (or even need to switch from one to the other).

Your business can save money, time, and resources by renting hardware from our inventory. Tell us what you need and we provide free quotes within the hour!