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Home of the Twin Cities, Minnesota has plenty to offer in the way of professional opportunity. With everything from a strong mining industry to busy corporations, Minnesota has something to offer for everyone! Vernon Computer Source works with businesses across all industries to provide Minnesota computer rentals to cover short term needs like events and projects.

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There’s no question that technology can be costly, and for new businesses and businesses with tight budgets it’s common to skimp on the best hardware because of the price tag. But did you know that you can get top of the line equipment for your company without bleeding your budget dry? Renting computer hardware is an excellent way to save money and get the best value.


schedule3Because technology evolves so quickly, you may find that your “brand new” fleet of laptops is considered obsolete after just six months of being released. The truth of the matter is that trying to keep up with these rapidly evolving technologies is a race that just can’t be won. However, renting laptops, tablets and other computer hardware is one way for Minnesota businesses to stay ahead of the game.

Short term hardware rentals for events and even projects lasting up to a year can help your business stay on top of the latest technology. For example – you rent 50 tablets for weekend events at the Minneapolis Convention Center twice a year. Each time you rent, you have the ability to rent the latest and greatest tablets on the market! Whereas, if you purchased 50 tablets and plan to reuse them for all your future events, you run into problems of obsolescence and decrease resale value.

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