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Not just a popular tourist spot, Santa Barbara has a vast and diverse economy including manufacturing, a large service industry, healthcare, and finance. However, the booming tourist industry has made hospitality perhaps the most major component of the local economy. With thousands of tourists passing through the city every day, there’s no shortage of hotels and restaurants popping up all over the city. At Vernon Computer Source, we provide Santa Barbara computer rentals to businesses across the region.


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computersFor any retail establishment these days, there has been a push toward paperless transactions. Not only is this a more environmentally friendly way to operate a business, but a more convenient way for customers.  A simple way that many Santa Barbara establishments have achieved this is by implementing electronic Point of Sale systems. At Vernon Computer Source, we rent Square credit card readers that attach to a smartphone or tablet and allow customers to pay electronically with their credit or debit cards. Our Square readers can also be used in a mobile fashion for establishments that have sales professionals working on the floor, or selling within crowds at a convention or event, such as those held at the Butler Event Center.


Tablet-survey-iconEquipment rentals have also become a popular way for restaurants to organize everything from open seating to menus. Tablet rentals are a cost effective way for Santa Barbara restaurants to keep track of orders, take orders, and as a helpful way for wait staff to note customer needs like food allergies.

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