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San Francisco is one of the most socially diverse cities in California. Every month, thousands of visitors flock to the city for a host of events, conventions and conferences for hobbyists and professionals alike. With so much to do and see in the San Francisco area, the region has become a hotspot for new business and special events to set up shop. At Vernon Computer Source, we offer San Francisco computer rentals to businesses to help them succeed!

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It isn’t hard to imagine why San Francisco is such a prime location for travelers and business moguls. Major points of interest like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Park give visitors plenty to do during their stays, even if they’re merely passing through for business at one of the big convention centers at the Moscone Center or the Bentley Reserve.

As a primary banking and financial center, our San Francisco customer base is frequently interested in hardware rentals to house high end software. But our usefulness doesn’t stop there. How else can the bank and finance industries make use of rented IT hardware?

  • Server rentals – servers are responsible for a number of important tasks in the everyday office environment, such as data storage and security, running high end financial systems, sharing files across your network, and backing up data. Making sure your server hardware is up to date can prevent the loss or even theft of data and ensure that your employees can access and share the information they need to do their jobs.
  • office2Laptop rentals for software training – in the banking industry in San Francisco, new employees are hired every day. Training new employees on intricate software can be a major undertaking, but doing so with slow, outdated hardware can turn the task into a nightmare. We offer executive grade laptop rentals designed specifically to help your business hone your employees’ skills.

We understand that our San Francisco customers need powerful, top of the line equipment without spending a fortune. At Vernon Computer Source, we create custom packages for your business based on your needs. Fill out our FlexQuote form here for free, or call us at 1-800-827-0352 to speak to one of our San Francisco representatives about your rentals immediately.