Server Rentals Come Standard with Most Recent Windows Servic

Vernon Computer Source 19,Apr,2014 Server Rentals Come Standard with Most Recent Windows Service Packs and Software Server Rentals Come Standard with Most Recent Windows Service Packs and Software

When companies need a server for an event or for servicing temporary off-site operations, generally the very best, up-to-date servers and software are desired.

Server rentals can provide an appealing alternative to a flat-out purchase, as they are almost always guaranteed to be the most currently available option on the market. And, even better than that – they’re also likely to have the most recent software updates possible.

Service packs and software are notoriously being altered and improved to provide for better quality service, higher security guarantees and other benefits.

Windows, in particular, is notorious for releasing service pack and software updates rather frequently.

Take, for example, a recent announcement from Michael Kleef, the senior technical product manager for the Windows server and cloud division. According to his blog, Kleef said that the new Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 (SP1), along with Windows 7 SP1, will be available shortly – as of Feb. 22.

These new service pack options offer new features not seen before – Dynamic Memory and Remote FX. Both of these features expand the normal regular desktop virtualization capabilities to further degrees of usefulness. The basic functionality offered by the current Windows Server operating system is improved to a more comprehensive level.

One of the bigger benefits from this upcoming release, according to Windows officials, is that it will not compromise either security or density – as some of the competitions’ offerings do.

But, as elaborated in greater detail over at Microsoft’s virtualization team’s blog, the improvements go way beyond first assumptions. The new Dynamic Memory enhancements will “pool all the memory available on a physical host.” And virtual equipment can then receive new memory changes fueled by alterations in workload – without having any service interruptions.

And other experts are receiving these latest server updates with appreciation. Chet Wisniewski, Sophos’ senior security advisor, said “ASLR was massively improved in Windows 7. This means that libraries (DLL’s) are loaded into random memory addresses each time you boot.” He added, “Malware often depends on specific files being in certain memory locations and this technology helps stop buffer overflows from working properly.”

Businesses looking to get a server rental in the near future had best investigate their options to ensure the servers they are renting have the most up-to-date, secure, and virtualization-enhanced service packs available.

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