Nicolas Sarkozy opened the eG8 summit held earlier today with this overall message: the government should regulate the Internet.

It’s a notion that’s been met with some disdain among the masses.

Among some responses from the Guardian’s comment forum was this dissenting excerpt from user sunnieskye: “Sarkozy misses yet another boat. The internet is the mind and spirit of the world. Leave it alone. To regulate it in any way banishes the entire concept of ‘freedom.’ If Mr. S wants to regulate the internet, he needs to rethink what he means when he says ‘Democracy,’ and perhaps find another word to define his concept. I would suggest the word ‘repression.’”

Invited to the summit were tech giants Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, John Donahoe, president of eBay, and of course, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

The official theme for the forum was “The Internet: Accelerating Growth” where the group’s conclusions would be communicated to the heads of state at the G8 economic forum on Thursday and Friday.

Riding the praise wind he said: “Yesterday’s dreams have become realities, and the universe of possibilities grows broader around us every day,” adding, “Democracy and human rights have been reinforced, states have been incited to greater transparency and, in some countries, oppressed peoples have been empowered to make their voices heard and to act collectively in the name of freedom.”

Then coming down on the side of caution, Sarkozy warned “Total transparency has to be balanced by individual liberty. Do not forget that every anonymous internet user comes from a society and has a life.”

He further stated: “Governments are the legitimate guardians of our societies and do not forget this.”

On top of that, Sarkozy noted that leaders of state need to learn how to reinforce democracy, social dialogue and solidarity through the Internet to create a “more efficient state.” Of the primary concerns to be addressed are privacy, protection of children from the “turpitude of certain adults,” copyright and intellectual property rights.

To those tech leaders he lectured, “we have to make sure that the universe that you are responsible for is not a parallel universe outside laws and morals.”

Whether government around the world will actually implement regulation is something that I don’t really see happening. It’s a hot button topic that will enrage too many people, and for many politicians, to actively pursue this would mean massive headaches down the line. But then again, I suppose stranger things have happened.

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