In today’s business world, instant access to the internet is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. There’s nothing worse than being on the road and getting hit with an emergency project, only to discover that your hotel wireless is terrible or nonexistent.

AT&T mobile hotspot rental now available at Vernon Computer Source

Some hotels, flights, and public spaces like trade show venues will charge an arm and a leg for wife premium (and sometimes even basic) internet access. Multiply that $30 access fee 10 times for 10 employees on site, and you’re look at an avoidable $300 bill.

However, the invention of mobile hotspot has made it possible to handle not just last-minute projects, but to host meetings, hold video conferences, and create an efficient workspace away from the office – complete with lightning-fast internet.

What is a mobile hotspot rental?

Verizon mobile hotspot rental now available at Vernon Computer Source

A mobile hotspot is a small device (about the size and shape of a wallet or smartphone) that allows the user(s) to tap into their cellular provider’s 3G or 4G data. These helpful little devices give users the power to connect to the internet from anywhere and can typically support 5 to 10 devices at once, depending upon the brand or carrier. Best of all, almost every major mobile carrier now offers hotspots!

Opting to rent a mobile hotspot can offer your team more freedom while on the road, without the strain of keeping track of the device when it’s not in use. Rent for a day, a week or as long as needed for your travels or work in the field. When you’re done, simply ship it back – no worries about losing the tiny device during downtime and losing $100+.

Rather than rely on the often-shaky free wireless sometimes offered in these locations, more businesses are using mobile hotspots during travel or any extended time away from the office. Because of their reliability and cost-savings, the mobile hotspot rental for businesses have become a popular choice for frequent travelers and those who spend a lot of their time in the field!

Interested in renting from our selection of mobile hotspot devices? Simply submit a quote request to let us know what your preferences and requirements are, and our team will supply all the details you need to help you make the best decision for your team.