Samsung Galaxy Tablet Rentals to be Powered by Atmel MaXTouch’s Touch Screen Tech

Ever since Apple’s Foxconn blow-out, there’s been a certain media focus on the touch screens used to manufacture the world’s popular tablet devices. The incident at the factory delayed production, and placed a new spotlight on a surprising new fact: it’s the shortage of touch screen components that inhibits the production (and subsequent adaption) of tablets in general.

So when Atmel Corporation made an announcement today that they will be using their controller in Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1, we sat up and took notice. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the Android-based, thinner, lighter competitor that’s giving Apple cause to worry (for good reason). The Tab has 1280×800 pixel resolution and weighs in at only 1.25 pounds.

Yes – it’s thin enough to give even the iPad a complex.

And what’s good for the goose is good for the gander (as they say), and since we rent the Tabs out to our business consumers, we want to pay attention to whose in charge of their manufacturing.

The news doesn’t take us by surprise, per say, because Amtel’s MaXTouch mXT1386 touch screen components are already used in the regular old 7-inch Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S smartphone.

Dongsub Kim, principal engineer at one of Samsung’s Mobile Device Divisions, was quoted in engadget as saying, “We are excited to launch the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Atmel maXTouch powering the touchscreen.”

Kim added, “We thank the Atmel maXTouch solution for providing our users exactly what they want – faster responsiveness, better accuracy and precision and longer battery life for the ultimate touchscreen experience.”

Jon Kiachian, Atmel’s senior director of touch marketing, also weighed in on the announcement, saying, “As a leader in the capacitive touch space, we are thrilled to power one of the hottest Android tablets on the market today.” He added, “Atmel maXTouch continues to drive a number of touch devices from smartphones to 7-inch tablets, and now the well-received Galaxy Tab 10.1. This new tablet is a remarkable device that will give consumers a phenomenal touch experience with all the right features.”

We’re pleased to see tablets continuing to boom. For those wanting to take advantage of our wide variety of tablet rental options, simply fill out a hassle-free FlexQuote.