Rent a Samsung 65” 650 TS LCD Touch Screen Whiteboard

Samsung 650TS Whiteboard

When it comes to jazzing up a conference, trade show or other business-related event, there are only a few options that can really attract a crowd. Luckily, large, touch screen LCD monitors are rising to the challenge, and manufacturers like Samsung are crafting some really excellent products.




Take the Samsung 65” 650TS for example. It’s big enough and clear enough to capture a potential audience’s attention – but it has one additional trick up its sleeve.

The 650TS is nearly completely interactive, thanks to a unique whiteboard feature.

Users can touch the screen and navigate around to different websites and modules, the whiteboard option turns the monitor into… well… a digital whiteboard.


The Specs of this Touch Screen Rental

Interactive Whiteboard Capabilities: This really opens up on-site interaction with conference goers and event attendees.

A Highly interactive 65” 1,920 x 1,080 High-Resolution LCD Screen: Shiny, new, and the first of its’ kind from Samsung.

Integrated Screen Sync: This feature lets the 650TS to share whatever is currently displayed on its screen with nearby computers. This ability also works in the vice versa sense as well.


Rent a Samsung 65” 650 TS LCD Touchscreen Whiteboard From Vernon Computer Source

Here at Vernon Computer Source we offer a variety of laptops, monitors, plasma screens, iPads, tablets and other devices. Of our expansive inventory, we are happy to boast a variety of different, high-end products. But the 65” 650TS is something of a crown jewel for us. It’s the biggest – the best – and the down-right coolest touch screen rental we offer.

If your business can benefit from renting a Samsung 65” 650TS LCD or other similar digital signage display unit, don’t hesitate to contact us. We deliver globally, offer overnight shipping and always strive to meet our customers’ needs. Fill out a FlexQuote for a hassle-free quote or call us at 800-827-0352.