If you’re looking for a jumbo touch screen rental for business use, then Vernon would like to recommend Microsoft’s Surface Hub. This powerful machine gives companies an easy and reliable way to share information with partners and clients across cities, states, and countries. The 84-inch 4K touch screen has a 4th Generation Intel processor with 8 GB RAM. Skype is already included with the Windows 10 software, meeting organizers also have access to OneNote – allowing you to draw on the screen as a visual aid.

The large screen and high-definition resolution helps viewers feel more connected and have a more powerful takeaway from the remote meetings you’ll conduct with it. This product is perfect for marketers, party planners, or even as part of your trade show display. Make special events even more special – and Vernon lets you keep it only for the time you’ll need it!

Microsoft’s Surface Hub would make a great touch screen rental for any company that wants to conduct online business on a temporary basis. Check out the technical details below:

  • Dimensions: 46.12“ x 86.7” x 4.15”
  • Weight: 280 lbs
  • Processor: 4th Gen Intel i7
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Storage: 128 GB SSD
  • Graphics Processing Unit: NVIDIA Quadro K2200
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2140 @ 120 Hz
  • Network: Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac), ethernet. 1Gbps, Bluetooth 4.0 low energy, NFC reader, Miracast enabled
  • Audio/Video:  (2) 1080p front-facing cameras, 100 degree horizontal field of view, high performance 4 element array microphone
  • Accessories: (2) front-facing stereo speakers (2) Powered, active pens, (1) wireless all-in-one keyboard
  • Sensors: (2) Passive infrared presence sensors, ambient light sensors
  • Best Places to Use: Conference Rooms, Command Centers, Workshops

As you can see, Microsoft is using the best technology available to bring to life countless business objectives – from increasing sales to delivering a better meeting experience, and beyond. Sharp graphics and an intuitive interface offer a huge advantage over more traditional remote meeting techniques. Ask us about our customization options should you have a specific request regarding the settings of your machine, such as app or program pre-installation.