Rent a HP 23″ TouchSmart 9100 and Invite Event Interaction

Our HP 23" TouchSmart 9100 Rentals Make Great Digital Displays

Touch screen displays tend to make a splash at events – since they’re fully interactive, they attract a crowd.

And HP happens to manufacture an entire line of integrated touch screen computers that have everything you could want in an all-in-one package. Its TouchSmart 9100 option is a computer, a monitor, and a touch screen all in one, allowing for all manner of interaction.

It is Windows 7 multi-touch guaranteed, so it gives users a familiar format – and then enhances its abilities to an interactive degree.

Built-in premium speakers allow for a truly interactive audio experience, while an internalized WiFi antenna, slot-loading DVD drive, and built-in microphone round out the package.

And as a bonus, integrated apps can be accessed with a swipe of a fingertip, making this product one equipped to multi-task.




Our HP TouchSmart 9100 Rental Specifications

  • 23” 1080p Full HD Widescreen
  • 16.9 Aspect Ratio
  • HDMI Input
  • Integrated WiFI and DVD Features
  • Built-in Microphone and Webcam


Rent a HP 23” TouchSmart 9100 From Vernon Computer Source

Here at Vernon Computer Source, our inventory represents over $40 million dollars. We boast stock from all of the industry’s leading manufacturers – HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell, Samsung, LG, Canon and others.

With the ability to ship internationally to any of our global warehouses, we can ensure that you get the most competitive price possible.

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