Cypress & NVIDIA TrueTech CY8CTMA884 Touch Screen

Touch screen technology is blowing up – it’s taking over literally every tech industry, from LCDs to tablets.

Everyone wants the power of touch, as evidenced by the iPads stellar sales. Other touch screen tablets and digital signage units aren’t being hurt by the innovation either. When the public (or the enterprise) sector sees a cool new technology, they’re willing to spend some dough on it.

And when the industry’s heavy hitters, like NVIDIA or Intel, get involved with a project, it tends to bode well for invention.

NVIDIA and Cypress Semiconductor Corp have entered into an agreement in which they will begin developing touch screen procedures for future Android-based tablets. Cypress will provide the touch screen elements – their single-chip TrueTouch product works for screens up to 11.6 inches in sizes.

TrueTouch will be bundled with NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 mobile chip, which has been garnishing all manner of publicity lately as its featured in most of the major tablet releases.

The latest incarnation of TrueTech, the CY8CTMA884, is the first of its kind, and it has 60 sensing I/O channels allowing for support of up to 884 nodes.

We’ll be honest – we’ve never heard of Cypress Semiconductor Corp. before, but apparently their PsoC flagship system-on-chip products are fairly popular. Either way, NVIDIA is sort of a veteran in the space, so if they’re doing business with Cypress, something has to be good.

Bill Henry, the director of Tegra platform management over at NVIDIA, confirmed our suspicions. He said, “Cypress is one of the leaders in touch screen technology and we’re excited to work with them to bring a great touch experience to upcoming tablets with Tegra. Customers can now build tablets that use less power, and with easy and simple design.”

Power efficient. Easy. Simple. Those are all words that we like to hear. And they’re ones we’ve come to expect from NVIDIA.

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