Internet Café Rentals: iPads and Tablet PCs

Internet Cafe iPad and Tablet PC RentalsDecades after commonly available household net connections became something of an Internet Café killer, there are signs that these venues might be coming back into style.

This move back towards a traditional tech trend has a lot to do with the availability of portable, lightweight tablet PCs and Apple iPads.

The original Internet Café originated in San Francisco, Calif., thanks to an idea put in to play by Wayne Gregori. His brainchild, the SF NET Coffee House Network, provided Internet Café-goers with a place that offered Internet access and a place to chat with like-minded people.

While SFNet discontinued service in 1997, the cultural impact lives on in various incarnations, including Starbucks’ free WiFi offerings. And other, independent entrepreneurs and coffee shop owners looking to get involved are using both tablet PC rentals and iPad rentals to help equip their new ventures.




By having the equipment already in house, it eliminates the need for customers to bring their own laptops tablets.  When you walk into a coffee house and everything is already there – the tablets, the WiFi – it can be awfully appealing for a consumer to just plop down and stay awhile.

And the beauty of iPads and PC tablets is that they can be stored, out of sight, out of mind – keeping the café running, clutter-free, when no one has a need for caffeine instead of the Internet. Plus — cafe ownerse can rent tablet products from a reliable vendor, keeping them from having to shoulder the initial start-up costs.

Permits requesting permission to open Internet Cafes are pouring into city offices all over the country – a herald of things to come – and a healthy indicator for tablet rentals and sales.


Rent an iPad or a Tablet PC For Your Internet Cafe

For business-owners or corporations looking to start their own Internet Café, or to host a temporary event at a good old coffee shop, tablet PC rentals and iPad rentals are available for a competitive cost at Vernon Computer Source. Please call 800-827-0352 or click here for a FlexQuote.

We are happy to offer overnight delivery on a bundle of tablet PCs or iPads – and each of our units comes with a protective case to ensure a worry-free rental.