The Kensington Virtuoso Touch Stylus and Pen for iPad Rentals

iPad rental accessories: Kensington stylus

Although Apple’s iPad is known for its exceptional touch capacity, we’ve found that customers in some professions still seek out a stylus for tasks like writing quick notes. While some may be able to type quickly enough with the tablet’s touch keyboard, others prefer the feel of an actual pen as they write.

The Kensington Virtuoso stylus doubles as both a pen for actual paper, and a stylus for iPad rentals. Built for the comfortable of an actual pen, the stylus also holds enough weight to produce quality writing.  As those familiar with styluses for iPad will note, the more weight, the better quality for note-taking.

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Kensington Virtuoso Touch Stylus Features

  • It’s 5-inch body produces about twice as much weight as similar models, for enhanced writing quality
  • Great for quick note-taking and cursive writing
  • Ballpoint pen feature is refillable when ink runs out
  • The stylus’ silicon-rubber nib is on the opposite side as the ballpoint pen cartridge

Rent this Stylus with the Latest iPad

Vernon Computer Source is a part of the world’s largest rental group, providing its customers with these Apple tablets from the newest, to the original generation.  Not only do we provide you with the hardware, we supply a wide variety of additions, like this stylus to accompany our customers with special needs.

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