The Samsung Galaxy S6 came to the market with a svelte metal and glass design that would translate into the later S7 model as well. If you’re looking for a budget smartphone rental that still provides your team with modern-looking devices that operates with the same power of many newer phones released within the last year, the S6 is an excellent option.

Original reviews of this phone called it “nearly” perfect, noting the price as a drawback of the phone. Now that more models have been released, the price tag for these has dropped off quite a bit and many consumers are still buying this phone model because of the latest Android updates that make it operate with all the flash and features of its newer counterparts.

Performance reviews have highlighted the Galaxy S6’s high quality OLED display (Samsung does manufacture these screens themselves, after all), excellent fingerprint scanner and both versions of wireless charging built within its slim design.

Galaxy S6 Specs

Despite its age, the abilities of this phone won’t leave you feeling shortchanged. The Galaxy S6 still has much to offer to professionals using these phones for marketing, logistics and more. With plenty of storage space and convenient features like wireless charging, you can expect full productivity from your staff while utilizing the Galaxy S6. Take a look below:

  • Storage: 32 GB
  • Screen Size: 5.1”
  • Color: Black/Sapphire
  • OS: Android
  • Processor: Octa core
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Network: 4 LTE, 3G data capable, 4G data capable, Wi-Fi capable
  • Bluetooth: enabled
  • Other Feature: Fingerprint sensor, global ready, GPS, internet browser, music player, speakerphone, touchscreen, wireless charging

Smartphone Rentals from Vernon

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one option of several models available for rent from Vernon Computer Source. If you’re looking for a newer model Android phone, we also have the Samsung Galaxy S8. If you were looking for Apple products, we have a whole slew of iPhones available to rent for professional use as well.

Vernon specializes in providing technical equipment for short-term needs whether it’s for events, data collection, temporary offices or any other use. All of the devices will arrive ready-to-use out of the box with data plans and apps installed and configured as you have requested. We are known for our flexible contracts that can change as your needs do. Contact us to get a quote today, and see the difference Vernon services can provide.