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There are some jobs that the ability to be in constant contact with people in the field or at the office is imperative. Whether the employees are on construction sites or in the field conducting training or at a trade show, it can be very important to reach them at any moment with information that allows them to do their job better.

Supplying employees with company owned phones that are leased is the solution to keeping employees in contact at all times while offering several other benefits too. Once a company has determined to supply their employees with smartphones, they may suffer sticker shock. Smartphones can easily cost $600 for each phone, and at that price most companies do not upgrade often, which limits how quickly they can take advantage of improved technology and updates.

Leasing phones allows the company to keep updated technology in the hands of employees. Leased phones can be replaced more often which offers more up to date devices to be used. More technology means that security on the phone is also improved. If an employee were to use his or her own phone, they may try to make their phone—which is their property even if you reimburse them for part of the phone use—last as long as possible. Renting a phone for employees’ means their phone is replaces more often. Newer phones offer better security, and greater connectivity.

Industries benefiting from smartphone rentals include: Trade show presentations, sales, shipping, inspections, consultations, and many others. Any business that requires the use of reports, spreadsheets, pictures, emails, or other forms of verbal communication or written communication will benefit from using this technology in the field. Leasing smartphones allows those industries to take charge of the safety and security of the information their employees send via the web.

Available Models and Technology Specifications

At Vernon Computer Source, we offer both Google Android and iPhones for your business to rent so you can choose the platform that you are most comfortable with.

Below are just a few of the models we offer. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Submit a quote to request more information on the model you want!



One advantage of the iPhone is that many of your employees already use iPhones, so the learning curve for these telephones is quick. These phones are useful for sharing files, watching videos, checking and sending emails, and taking notes while in the field. Our iPhones are AT&T activated and they have LTE service so you know you will have the fastest connection while in the field.

The iPhones we offer include the 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus and 7. These phones run on the iOS 6.0 and newer operating system. The display is a four inch multi-touch retina display. The battery can provide you with eight hours of talk, and eight hours of internet.

Google Nexus

google smartphone rentals

Another model we offer is the Google Nexus 5X which runs on the Android platform. This phone is really useful for event planners, building inspectors and others that might find they commonly need to take pictures, either for their own use or to send to others. The camera on this smartphone is so much better than most phone-based cameras that even in night time, or low-light conditions, you can take pictures that will include the appropriate detail.

The Google phone is also a great size for the hand, or to fit in the pocket. It is made of a polycarbonate shell and Gorilla Glass so you can have confidence when it is used on construction sites. The Google phone slips in the pocket, making it much more convenient than using a tablet, and it is big enough that employees can easily read the display.

This phone has a 5.2” display screen, a 27-aAh battery for long work life, a 4 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, fingerprint security, and a charger that gives four hours of use for 10 minutes of charging.

Why Vernon Computer Source?

Vernon Computer Source has provided business tech for over 30 years. We have been a valuable resource for companies, including companies like yours that may be planning events, conferences, training sessions, or working in the field. We recognize that using our rental service allows you try new equipment more often, with maintenance built in and less pressure on you. That is our job. Give us a call and see how we can help you grow your business the smart way.