Panasonic has noted an enormous growth in the sales of projectors over the last few years. The company’s projector segment targets varied sections of the market such as educational institutions, corporate/public sectors and individuals.

The brightness quotient of the projectors ranges from 2,200 to 20,000 lumens. Panasonic offers a wide array of LCD, home cinema and DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors for different applications.

The latest PTDZ21K Series projectors introduced by Panasonic are 3 chip DLP projectors with a brightness quotient of 20,000 lumens. Projectors in the PTDZ21K Series are PT-DZ21K, PTDW17K and PTDS20K projectors.

PT-DZ21K projector has a WUXGA pixel resolution of (1,920 x 1,200) and a brightness quotient of 20,000 lumens; PTDW17K has a WXGA pixel resolution of (1,366 x 768) and a brightness quotient of 16,500 lumens; PTDS20K has a SXGA pixel resolution of (1,400 x 1,050) and a brightness quotient of 20,000 lumens.

Apart from having a compact body and good brightness quotient, the projectors have a 2000 hour replacement cycle and 3D compatibility. Projectors of the DZ21K Series provide brightness quotient up to 20,000 lumens by means of four 465W UHM lamps.

The images have a contrast ratio of 10,000:1. Panasonic’s own Detail Clarity Processor 3 engine is incorporated in these projectors for higher image precision.

The projectors come with a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) Simulation mode which is suitable for medical training.  Top and bottom, sequential and side-by-side frame formats are supported by the projectors. You can rent other Panasonic projectors with similar specifications using Vernon’s rental services. Contact us to learn more.