Canon LV-8320 Portable LCD Projector

Canon’s got a new, lightweight LCD projector on the market — the LV-8320. It’s a sleek, high-performing yet attractively priced unit packed with features.

 Among its capabilities it counts WXGA-resolution, a 1.6x manual zoom lens, extended lamp and filter life, a 10-watt built-in speaker, a mini-jack output, full LAN access, remote PC control and HDMI input. This last inclusion peaks my interest the most, as it opens the LV-8320 up to a whole world of interaction that some competing models lack.

An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) input allows the projector to plug directly in to an iPad 2 for screen syncing capabilities (this makes it great for presentations, events, etc.) But that’s not all – Blu-ray players, cable boxes, and other high-end audio and video sources are also accessible via HDMI access.

Beyond functionality, the LV-8320 has been billed as a green machine due to its built-in power saving features and its “intelligent” lamp dimming system designed to extend lamp life. The lamp-dimming system automatically changes the lamp’s output based on how bright the image being projected is.

Carrying on with the green rep, Canon has included an air filter made of an efficient hybrid material that cleans air out at the intake process. The manufacturer predicts that this filter can last for 5500 hours of usage, which means its not often that users need to dispose them, creating waste.

Curious as to the LV-8320’s actual specs? It outputs 3,000 lumens and boasts a contrast of 2000:1.

So in laymen’s terms, you can expect a clear, bright image in a variety of different lighting.

Canon knows just how valuable the LV-8320 projector is going to be for the enrprise market. Yuichi Ishizuka,  an executive vice president and general manager at Canon’s imaging technology division, gave a statement in an official release. Ishizuka said, “Competitive pricing, bright, crisp imagery and full-display compatibility with the latest widescreen laptop and desktop computers are among the many projector capabilities sought by today’s presentation professionals.” He added, “The new LV-8320 portable multimedia LCD projector provides all of those features, along with many other built-in innovations that deliver extra price-performance value over time.”

We’re sold.

We expect to be able to offer the Canon LV-820 among our projector rental inventory starting next month. For those enterprise members looking to harness the power of this option for training sessions, events, business meetings, seminars or other occurrences, please fill out a hassle-free FlexQuote.

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