Thanks to newer, multifunctional printer devices, businesses are saving plenty on their operating costs. The data is certainly in place to encourage any move in this direction. But those companies out to “test the waters” for the first time can do so easily via a short or long term printer rental lease, but the data is certainly in place to encourage any move in this direction.

Luckily, printer rental contracts often allow businesses to rent to own – so if they really love the printer they’ve been testing out, and it’s too bulky or difficult to move, they can just buy it outright.

But just how valuable are the market’s newer printers?

The printer manufacturers themselves have invested in the research to show value of transitioning to the latest products. Canon, one of the leading printer manufacturers in the industry, knows printers, and it shared its findings in a case study entitled “Manage and Reduce the Cost of Printing.”

Canon implemented a cost savings-modeled printer infrastructure solution for The Sava Group. The Sava Group, based in Slovenia, is a fairly large company with offerings ranging from the real estate to the tourist industry – and they boast several thousand employees.

As The Sava Group grew, and added more printers to its operations arsenal, it found it had a problem – which is one that many companies face as they expand; there were simply too many printers to continue maintaining.

So Canon came in and consolidated the number of printers in operations exponentially. In the end, The Sawa Group was left with 27, top-of-the-line multifunctional printers capable of both black and white and color printing.

The cost savings were over 31 percent.

This case study shows that businesses with the right plans in place can skim some of the expenses from their printing budget.

Another area where savings can be achieved is in the area of operating expense. When it comes to device management, Canon estimates that costs related to this area can account for nearly “15 percent of the average organization’s print budget,” can be outsourced back to the manufacturer or the printer rental company.

So, businesses looking to trim their printer operating expenses some should investigate the efficiency of the units they have in office – and how much they are spending on maintenance, etc. Printer consolidation, upgrading and outsourcing maintenance via a printer rental company might all turn out to be ideal solutions.