The MePOS is the world’s first 5-in-1 mobile point of sale system, now available in Vernon’s POS inventory as a companion for our Lenovo A10 tablet rental! With this brilliant gadget at your event, at your store or in the field, you are guaranteed flexibility, wide customization options and cost effectiveness.

The MePOS can be used in five different ways to suit just about any sales situation. Hook it up in three ways for cashier operation, set it up as a self-service kiosk, or use it as a mobile point-of-sale system (card reader + tablet). Incredibly versatile, you can choose the operation mode that best suits the style of your store, event, or sales team! Possibly most impressive is the MePOS’s “brain”, which does all the diagnostic work. If there is a problem with any of the MePOS devices, the brain signals you, making it quick and easy to request maintenance.

MePOS 5-in-1 POS rental offers your business:

  • A cohesive printer for your receipts
  • A self-diagnostic monitoring system
  • Flexible operating system for Windows, Android and iOS
  • Detachable components that can be rented separately
  • Single power output for all connected devices
  • Small size – takes up very little space on any surface
  • Its removable panels are ideal for branding, promotion and advertising needs
  • Advanced card acceptance devices for NFC, Mag-stripe, EVM Chip and signature and EVM Chip and Pin

Why team up with Vernon for your technology rental needs?

At Vernon Computer Source, you can rent the MePOS for any short term corporate project – your store’s busy seasons, field marketing and sales, or easy self-service stations at your next trade show.  Our team is on call to support your business with any hardware needs, accessories, and even software – simply let us know what you need. Request a quote to get started and ask us about our regular promos for newsletter recipients!