Sony VAIO S Series Laptop Rental

Sony’s always been a name associated with technological excellence, so it comes as no surprise that the newest editions of its VAIO laptops are representative of the brand’s reputation.

Sony’s new S Series ultraportable laptop comes in two separate designs, both of which feature Intel sandy Bridge Processors (Core i5 and i7), as well as discrete graphic cards from AMD.

The standard models come in black and white and are the same weight and size as its predecessor; it packs more powerful processing power. They are .9 inches thick, 3.6 pounds heavy, but they have the benefit of including an optical drive.

But the S Series also comes in a fancy, premium model category that is thinner, lighter and higher res. These “nicer” versions also come in more colors – silver, brown or jet-black.

All in all, the response from tech sites has been positive, with reviewer “phamhlam” at CNET stating “I think the VAIO S Series is the best laptop I have seen. It is thin, really portable at around 3 pound, and so fast. I probably buy one next year once 22nm CPU comes out. It already has 7-8 hours of battery life so that less power hungry CPU should increase it. Plus, for all of those of you that don’t know, you can add a sheet (flat) battery to it and it will get 15 hours.

And “bitcrazed” on ZDNet said, “The new S Series are the successor to the utterly awesome Z-Series. My Z-Series is BY FAR the best notebook I have ever owned. It’s stupidly fast thanks to its dual SSD’s, cold-booting Win7 in 18s!”

But with this kind of fanaticism behind it, you can expect that the Sony VAIO has the pricing to match its eagerly received performance. And taking advantage of our Sony laptop rental offerings might be a great way to get around an initial start-up cost while ensuring the most cutting-edge technology on site.

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