Lenovo Laptop Rentals

Vernon Computer Source offers Lenovo laptop rentals for your next trade show, conference or out–of–town business meeting. Access great new technology for the duration of your trip or show, without the cost of buying.

Renting a Laptop–The Vernon Difference

Flexibility is what sets Vernon Computer Source apart.

For us, flexibility means a wide selection of Lenovo ThinkPads and other products. We stock accessories and presentation hardware, including LCD monitors in a range of sizes.




Flexibility also means giving you the most versatile rental options in the industry. When you need a laptop–for whatever reason–we have the right rental option for you:

  • Trade Shows–We specialize in trade show rentals. Laptops are ideal for collecting customer information. We also have ThinkPads powerful enough to run full–scale business presentations on the laptop itself or on a large–size LCD monitor.
  • Testing New Technology–Try out the latest ThinkPad before buying.
  • Temporary Staff–If you have staff who are hired on a seasonal or temporary basis and who need portable technology, renting is a great choice. Instead of buying computers and being left with surplus hardware, you can rent and return the computers to us when you are done.

Our rentals are available for the short term or long term. Whether you need a laptop for a couple of days or several months, we can give you the rental terms you need.

We also rent to own. Many businesses prefer this option to buying outright because it enables them to budget more effectively and save their capital for big–ticket items.

If you do decide to buy, we also sell new and used Lenovo equipment.


Top–Notch Support and Service

When you rent from Vernon, you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of, from your first phone call through to the end of your rental period. Our customer service agents will handle your request with complete professionalism and our technicians are available 24 hours a day to provide telephone support.

To book your Lenovo laptop rental, contact Vernon today at 1–800–827–0352.