HP 8440P / 14″ SCREEN / WRLS Laptop

HP 8440P / 14

HP has designed its HP 8440P EliteBook for professionals who are constantly on the move. With this HP laptop, you will have the best in manageability and security for your business data. Also, this laptop offers upgradeable wireless and enhanced system options while providing incredible graphics performance in a notebook exclusively for business requirements. HP 8440P / 14″ SCREEN / WRLS laptop showcases a brushed aluminum cover that has a platinum finish. It also has an overall construction that makes it a very durable notebook.

Battery Life

This laptop has an increased battery lifespan. Besides this, it also offers optional solutions to improve battery life even further. Some of these solutions are HP Long Life Battery, HP Extended Life Battery and HP Ultra Capacity Battery. An HP 8440P EliteBook with an Ultra Capacity Battery can have up to 24 hours battery life. HP EliteBook 8440P users can also select from either UMA (integrated) or discreet graphics that can deliver abundant media capabilities and responsive performance. HP’s Power Assistant allows the business notebook user to take control of the HP EliteBook’s power consumption. With this tool, users can conserve power, stretch the laptop’s battery run time and precisely monitor laptop’s power needs.


The laptop allows for faster and more efficient internet connectivity with its HP Mobile Broadband that is powered by Gobi. This notebook makes it easier to perform crucial tasks like email checking, by allowing users access to it with HP QuickLook 3. With this, executives can also browse through contact information without booting up their HP EliteBook 8440P. The laptop also has HP QuickWeb, which allows access to the internet in seconds even if the notebook is not switched on.

Keyboard and Touch Pad

The HP EliteBook 8440P’s keyboard is modeled along the flat topped Chiclet style keyboard that has deep clicking underpinnings of a traditional keyboard. These keys react to the pressure of a finger with a gentle click sound. This laptop has both a standard track pad and the less conventional pointing nub at the centre of the keyboard. The nub is quite unobtrusive and can be useful as a convenient and precise pointing device when the track pad is inaccessible. The laptop has an intelligent LED overhead lamp that opens out from near the webcam to illuminate the keyboard in the dark. This lamp consumes less energy and turning it on and off is relatively simple.


The HP EliteBook has a 14 inch LCD display that provides a 1366×768 resolution and a mirror sheen gloss display. This screen offers good usability in different lighting environments, be it a brightly lit park or a dimly lit airline. Another plus point of this screen is that it can reach all the way back so it can be accommodated in cramped spaces too.

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