DELL WO7 VOSTRO 3700/17.3″/BT/CA Laptop

DELL WO7 VOSTRO 3700/17.3

Small businesses looking for affordable yet functional desktops can go for Dell’s Vostro 3700. This laptop is marketed by Dell as one of the most affordable laptops that offer all the features required by a small business. This big screen laptop is from Dell’s Vostro 3000 range of laptops and has a 17.3 inch high definition display. This screen when combined with the laptop’s NVIDIA graphics provides a native resolution of 1600×900.

Here are some of the features of the DEL WO7 VOSTRO 3700/17.3″/BT/CA laptop:


The Vostro 3700 has a classy design with traditional black and silver colors and the less conventional red and bronze aluminum covers that enhance the laptop’s appearance. It has a 17.3 inch large desktop size screen with a footprint that measures 16.2 x 10.7 inches. The laptop is 1.3 inches thick and weighs 6 pounds with its 6 cell battery.



With its LED backlit panel the Vostro 3700 is it a relatively high definition screen that allows users to read text comfortably. Also, with its native resolution, users can open two application windows side by side. The screen offers a very wide viewing angle, which makes the Vostro 3700 an ideal device for presentations. This Dell laptop has a subtle anti glare coating, which reduces reflections that may otherwise be cast in areas using typical business lighting.



Vostro 3700 has a full size keyboard with ample space to accommodate a separate number pad. These keys have fine up down motion and offer a comfortable and easy-to-use feel. High end versions of Dell Vostro 3700 have a white backlit area on the keyboard. These models also include a row of touch sensitive white backlit multimedia buttons located above a row of Function keys.


Touchpad and Ports

Dell Vostro 3700’s touchpad has low- friction coating. This feature enables effective mouse responses and also supports multi finger gestures like zooming, rotating and scrolling. This touchpad has 4×2 inch dimensions, which offer adequate space for finger movement on it. Dell’s fingerprint-reader option for the Vostro 3700 facilitates multi-factor authentication. The laptop comes with four USB ports, a FireWire port, a USB/eSATA combo, HDMI and VGA ports and a LAN connector. It also has an SD-MMC-memory stick card reader and an ExpressCard/34slot. The sole optical drive slot on this laptop is the 8X dual layer DVDRW drive.

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