Rent a Dell D630 Laptop and Get Your Business a Workhorse

Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Rentals are Business Workhorses

The Dell D630 laptop is earmarked by certain key features, such as built-in security functions, respectable performance and commendable construction. It is definitely a model geared at corporate users, because it’s not as slender or as seamless as it could be – yet it boasts bountiful battery life with Intel’s mobile Centrino platform.

This laptop isn’t about bells and whistles – it’s about performance and portability. This is a workhorse, not a thoroughbred, and that’s to say it’s built for strong and steady pacing (which is exactly what most enterprise representatives need while they’re on the road).

Its battery endurance is truly something remarkable, spanning over nine hours – and it gives our Lenovo ThinkPad T61 laptop rental units a bit of a run-around.




Our Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Rental Specifications

  • 2.0 GHz Intel core 2 Duo
  • Mobile Intel GM965
  • 2 GB (667 MHz)
  • 120 GB
  • Mobile Intel Graphis Media Accelerator
  • 14.1” Screen
  • 5.8-6.7 Pounds


Rent a Dell D630 Laptop From Vernon Computer Source

We have one respectably large inventory totalling over $40 million dollars.

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