ASUS Lamborghini VX7 Laptop w/Sandy Bridge Processor

There is a new “Rolls Royce” in the laptop rental world – and it comes in the form of ASUS’ limited edition, Lamborghini branded notebook.

The computer, which features quad-core, eight-threaded Core i7-2630QM technology and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M graphics processor, backed by 3GB of onboard memory. The VX7 also offers a 15.6-inch HD screen and two hard drives giving a memory capacity of 1.5 terabytes.

There are several configurations available for the Lamborghini VX7 — and it comes in cool orange or black color schemes.

But in addition to all of these goodies, the VX7 has gotten even more powerful thanks to a turbo injection from Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor. Sandy Bridge processors are kind of a big deal because they unify many of the elements of a traditional processor (memory controller, core, LLC, and graphics processing), resulting in a sort of streamlining that is beneficial to a computer’s basest elements.

And one shouldn’t discount the value of the look of this laptop series. As other writers have pointed out before me, the designers on this project took special care to make sure the colors, lines and overall aesthetic mirrored the actual Lamborghini sports cars.

As a writer over at “Everything USB” said, “The Lamborghini style laptop is almost more fun to look at than to use. The outer shell is styled like the legendary drool-inducing exotic sports car. Available in carbon fiber black or hot orange, it’s bound to draw some attention wherever you go. Smooth lines give way to sleek simulated tail lights with the Lamborghini logo etched on the lid like sweet icing on high octane cake. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes.”

For nearly $3,000, the Lambo laptop packs quite a hefty price tag – which is oddly reminiscent of its namesake. After all, you pay a decent amount of money for the performance and appearance of a real Lamborghini.

But luckily – you don’t really need to pay that $3,000 up front if you want a really epic laptop. Here at Vernon Computer Source, we rent laptops to businesses and corporations (including gaming companies) and we’re always happy to rent out Alienware, ASUS or other high-end machines for a fraction of the cost to own, just request a quote.