Apple-iPad-Pro-with-Smart-KeyboardSince its introduction in 2010, the iPad has revolutionized how hard-working professionals across the globe do their jobs. With the recent unveiling of the iPad Pro, this already amazing device offers even more capabilities for professionals. Combine these features with the advantages of renting from Vernon Computer Source and you have a dynamic resource that will give you a decided advantage over your competitors.

The iPad Pro enables today’s mobile workforce to create and edit all types of documents, from quick notes to full-blown reports, brochures, and posters. With the Numbers app you can create financial reports, pivot tables and other analyses in less time than ever before. You can even take photos, enhance them with the image processing software, and send them to colleagues across the globe in an instant.

The iPad Pro allows you to put together personal conferences in real time, even if the participants are separated by thousands of miles. You can use it as a multi-media presentation tool during sales meetings and trade shows, supercharging your ability to win new clients and enrich your bottom line.

iPad Pro Rentals – Technical Specifications

With the iPad Pro the possibilities are endless:

  • Dazzling extra-large 12.9 inch screen with 2732 x 2048 retina display is nearly 40% larger than the standard iPad’s 7.9 inch screen.
  • A9 X processor with 64-bit architecture is 2.5 times as fast as the old A7 processor and processes graphics 5x faster.
  • Fully laminated anti-reflective screen shows vivid colors and resists fingerprint marks.
  • Only 1.57 lbs and 0.27 inches thick.

As you can see, the iPad Pro offers capabilities undreamt of in the past. But your choice of iPad rental providers is just as important as the devices you select. At Vernon Computer Source, we offer unbeatable benefits to our clients, including:

  • Flexible terms to meet your needs. You can rent your devices for a single day, an entire 12 months, or any length of time in between.
  • Fast delivery to your facility from one of our many US locations.
  • A variety of technical services, including on-site set up and tear down.
  • Customized packages with pre-installed apps tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quantity orders available. We can equip your organization for all of its training, short-term staffing, sales, tradeshow, and other needs.

Call us today for a fast, free, no-obligation quote from one of our service professionals. We look forward to hearing from you.