Pre-loaded Custom Apps

As iPads have become extremely popular for trade-shows and events, we have made our rental services fully comprehensive with accessories and applications – including custom apps developed specifically for your business.

While we can also sync apps available on the App store with your rentals, we understand that companies are increasingly developing their own applications as an extension of their branding efforts. We understand the benefits of using your app, but the good news is that you don’t have to fully commit to the hardware.  Renting iPads has proven to be most convenient for many groups, so even if you’ve had an app developed in-house, we can feature it on your rental.




Benefits of Renting iPads for Events

  • Easy Access to Latest Technology: We’ve seen three different iPads in the last three years, and more upgrades can be expected in the future.  As Apple continues to develop this technology, we can provide it for short-term use as soon as it hits the market.
  • No Final Commitment: Speaking of frequent upgrades – you may find it best to rent technology like iPads only as needed instead of committing to a purchase of an in-house fleet that can become out-of-date within a short time frame.


Rent iPads Loaded with Your Apps from Vernon Computer Source

The combined inventories of Vernon Computer Source and its international affiliates comprises the largest rental fleet in the world. We supply organizations and events of all sizes with the latest tablet technology available, and each rental is customized to fit our customers’ specific needs.

To learn more about iPad rental services, you can fill out a quote form and a dedicated representative will contact you within the hour, or you can call 800-827-0352.