Secure Your iPad Rentals with a Lock Box

iPad Rental Lockbox


Vernon Computer Source supplies iPad rentals to companies of all sizes, and in many cases these rentals are used specifically for events where the tablets are put on display. For your benefit, and for ours, we have added an optional security lock box to protect your rentals while unattended.

Let visitors to your trade show booth peruse through a customized application or prepared presentation on the tablet while you engage other attendees stopping by. The ease of mind of this device will allow you to maximize your impact at trade shows while simultaneously relieving any anxiety over the security of your hardware.




How does it work?

The iPad Lock Box provides clear plastic case that while providing the means for the lock, also shields the tablet from dings and scratches. The case provides a security slot where users can lock the attached security cable to the case, pulling the cable through to loop around another object, like a table or kiosk.

The lock box prevents anyone from walking away with the tablet – and attempting to do so would prove to be both difficult and would likely damage the equipment.


Rent iPads with the Security from Vernon Computer Source

Whether its five iPads or 500 iPads, our rental services are suited to fit the needs of institutions and events of all sorts and sizes. We supply iPads with a variety of optional, customizable features; depending on the needs of our customers. Whether its for field marketing or for a museum exhibit, our rental specialists are prepared to provide your technology needs.

To learn more about Vernon’s services, simply fill out a quote form and an associate will contact you within the hour. You can also call 800-827-0352 and speak with someone right away.